You can go From Fat banker to fit banker using the Hugh Jackman Wolverine diet

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You can go From Fat banker to fit banker using the Hugh Jackman Wolverine diet

Hugh jackman wolverine diet
During a press conference, Hugh Jackman reveals that he bulked up his body for the wolverine role by following a diet plan which is named Intermittent Fasting.
The idea is by eating 4.000 calories in a single day it provides pure fuel to do a strenuous workout without gaining any fat whatsoever.
When the press asked him how was he able to achieve this, Jackman replies by implementing a 16-8 dietary rule, which requires him to not eat for 16 hours, and eating two of his meals at 8 hour intervals.
For example, Hughs first meal is at 10 am and than his last meal is at 6 pm. After his last meal he begins to fast untill 10 am the next day.

How does intermittent fasting work?

As I mentioned before the advantage of intermittent fasting is that you can decrease body fat quickly and put on lean muscle with very little fat. Let me explain why this works.
After eating your last meal (6pm), your body starts digesting your food and releases insulin during this period. after 12 hours your body goes into a fasted state.
During this fasting state your body releases less insulin (hormone used to lower blood sugar levels) which makes it easier to burn fat.
It is very rare that are bodies get the opportunity to get into this fasted state which is why this diet is so effective. The fast is then broken by the first meal of the day at 10 am.
By implementing this method, Jackman was able to achieve these two benefits:
Improved Growth Hormone Release
For a man of the age of 44, Hugh Jackman’s body growth is astounding. Since it has been scientifically proven that it is harder to gain muscle as you get older due to the slower metabolism and reduction of muscle mass.
Growth hormone and testosterone are key hormones to build muscle and eating lots of protein, good fats and plenty of nutrients will maximize how much of these hormones your body will produce, which is the key to building muscle.
Easier Fat Burning and Muscle Shaping
By training in a fasted state like Hugh Jackman did, your body won’t store fat since it is burned via fasting, and it will burn even faster through exercising. You can also increase your muscle weight by utilizing the right regime for your body.
Why will this work for me? I work  at a desk and I am constantly in meetings?
brain foods
The great thing about this type of diet plan is that it works very well if you work in the office.
Many people don’t have time to eat breakfast, but eating lunch and dinner are two meals that allow you to spend time with either friends or family.
You can change the times to suit you. You can eat your first meal at 9 am and the second meal at 5 pm. You could have your first meal 12 pm and the second meal at 8pm. Its up to you
How do I do it as an office worker?
There are a few things I suggest to my clients to get this to work for them. The best way to do intermittent fasting is the way that Hugh Jackman did it.
You would probably break your fast at 12 pm. You can eat between 12pm to 8pm and than you start your fast again.However, there are alternatives.
Weekly intermittent fasting
Apply the principle of intermittent fasting once a week or once a month. There are health benefits associated with eating this way.
Alternate intermittent fasting
This is where you eat one meal in the evening. In this example we will say you started on Monday 8pm. You would then fast for 24 hours and eat your next meal at 8pm Tuesday.
On Wednesday you would be able to eat at anytime during the day but then at 8pm your 24 hour fast starts again. This method allows you to get long periods of fasting
What work out routine should I use?
If your a beginner I would use compound exercises that work a large muscle mass. Examples are squats, bench press, dead lifts, pull ups, bent over row. I would do between 8-12 repetitions with between 1-2 minute rest periods.
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For more examples of actors changing their weights such as Christian Bale or Robert De Niro click here

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