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10 tips for weight loss goal setting

10 tips for weight loss goal setting

Sure you’re probably raising your eyebrows like ‘life goals? Now what’s that again?’ Well, life goals are like a guarantee to ensuring you achieve that which you have set your mind upon and which your heart desires.
Now, undoubtedly, most of us if not all of us have heard of the term SMART goals where S stands for specific, M stands for measurable, A stands for attainable, R stands for realistic and T stands for time-bound.
None of these is exactly a new information but the thing about life goals is that it gets you closer to achieving that desire than SMART goals because it actually allows you to narrow down the goals to the barest specificity thus increasing your chances of achieving them.

Smart Goals
We will be examining how to set a life vision or goal but before then, let us discuss the impact of a life goal. Let’s say for example, let’s say your goal is weight loss and you wish to lose about 50 pounds of weight.
It happens that you achieve that goal, then you find yourself feeling better. In fact, you are proud of yourself for what you’re able to achieve because you start feeling better with the clothes you wear, you’re more energetic which makes you more productive at work and might even bring a promotion.
Due to the new level of energy you have, you might want to try out new things with your partner which means your relationship goals have been impacted.
Now this means that just one life goal of you wanting to improve your health has now had a rippling effect on the other aspects of your life. So, there are 10 life goals that we’ll be discussing; so let’s get to it:

  1. Health goals– so you look at yourself and determine exactly what you wish to improve on your health. Maybe you just gave birth to a baby and are looking to lose the baby weight or you just want to lose a certain number of pounds; whatever it may be, you put it down and the specific steps that you will take to achieve them and be sure to follow them.
  2. Financial goals– what are you looking to attain financially? Do you have a debt or debts that you need to offset? Do you have an investment that you need to make or sell off or maybe you’re looking to save and buy your first house or car? Determine what you want financially and write them down for action.
  3. New frontier goals– yeah! This is like the bomb because it involves doing something that you have never done before and it’s usually exciting and thrilling. Say for example, you are afraid of heights, you can decide to try skydiving.
  4. Large purchase or home improvement goals– so, maybe you wish to buy something large like a car or maybe have an home improvement activity to carry out like fixing up your kitchen; you just write it down and how you intend to achieve it. Something like I want to buy my first car by the end of March and t will cost me X amount of money. And of course, this can then be related to your financial goals which shows you the cross-over and impact we have previously talked about when it comes to life goals.
  5. Educational goals– what do you intend to achieve in the educational aspect of your life? Is it that you want to read up a book each month or maybe there’s a course you want to register for to further your career? Well, decide on it, write it down and follow through on it.
  6. Traveling goals– what are your travel plans for this year? Maybe there’s a certain place you normally travel to but then you’re looking for a new place to go, identify and put it down followed by necessary action.
  7. Friends and family goals– maybe there’s a friend that it’s been a long time since you saw him or her until recently, you can make it a goal to see the person like two or three times this year or maybe you have not been spending enough time with your family, you can make that your goal too.
  8. Community goals– this involves you giving back to your local community either by volunteering in your local church or in a sporting event organized by your community.
  9. Personal goals– this will not involve any of the previously mentioned goals although there might be a crossover. If for example your personal goal is something like setting up your own business, you will need financial resources which might require the bank or the help of your friends. Already it has cut across two other life goals.
  10. Long term goals– what are you looking to achieve in, say, five years from now? Put it down and see how you can work towards it.

Thing is to see how your life goals are able to fit in to your long-term goal since that one is still some miles away. Then you also look at how the different sections of life goals overlap with one another to achieve the desired purpose.
Obviously, putting down these goals will take time but it’s surely a powerful way to achieving your heart desires; so just form good habits that will help you to achieve and then work at these goals every day and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed.

Topic: 10 tips for weight loss goal setting

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