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Are you in need of a personal trainer who will come to you?

Exercise Anywhere With a Mobile Personal Trainer in Wimbledon

Life is busy, and who has time for the gym? With your own Wimbledon personal trainer, we can bring the gym right to you! The best part? You can enjoy our professional personal training services on your own time, at your own convenience, without breaking your budget. 

That’s because our services are, above all else, affordable. So, while you’ll most certainly be getting the best workout program of your life, you’ll also be getting the most “bang for your buck!”

Our program is:  

  • Priced to fit any budget
  • Convenient (train where and whenever you want)
  • High impact (get better results in less time).

Along with specialized workout routines, you’ll also get customised diet plans to help you boost your energy and lose weight. Enjoy flexible scheduling that fits your work and social life. And, best of all, enjoy superior results through our innovative express workout system: HEET. 

Standing for High Energy Efficient Training, the HEET system is designed to give you three full high-impact workouts in just 45-mintes. Not only does it combine strength training, aerobic, and anaerobic exercises, but it’s fully customizable to your fitness level. 

It’s a fun, affordable fitness program delivered right to your door!

Gerald Smith Personal Trainer

An Experienced Personal Trainer in Wimbledon

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I have operated in the Wimbledon area for years now, and I understand how busy life can be. That is why my services are fully focused on efficiency, convenience, and affordability. This means that when you participate in my workouts and follow my customised diet plans, you will see results in the shortest possible time.

Of course, you can always choose a package that best suits your needs, and select the training locations and times that best fit your schedule. When it comes to your fitness, I am completely dedicated to your success. All you need to do is follow the plan I develop for you while I take care of the rest.

Why not get in touch with me today to see how I can help you get to the top of your game with Wimbledon personal training!

Transformation Stories

"Gerald built up a tailored training and diet plan to help me reaching my goals. He continuously motivates me and adapts his exercises and diet recommendations to my progress and objectives. He also recommended a list of exercises I could do on my own. I lost 20 kgs in 4 months!"
Adam Pados
IT Manager
“I have lost 2.5stone in 3 months and I will honestly say its all because of Gerald. I will say count your own reps because Gerald will sneak a couple in.”
Caroline Rendell
HR Manager
“I lost 44 kgs in 11 months on Geralds intensive programme. I have always given up on fitness training after a few weeks, but Gerald was able to motivate me and push me in a way that was right for me.”
Chizee Ihegboro

Why Choose Us?

If you’re tired of trying to fit the gym into your busy schedule, our ultra-convenient personal training services are for the right choice for you. Not only do we have the skills and experience to help you achieve better results in less time, but we can help you change your life completely through fitness and health. 

Believe it or not, achieving the body of your dreams is not a difficult as it might seem. Providing you are guided by a reliable, experienced trainer, you can maximise your results in less time to get the figure you’ve always wanted. 

For Wimbledon customers, that trainer is Gerald Smith!

Money Back Guarantee by Gerald Smith- Best Personal trainer in Putney
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Our Results

Convenient, Fast and Fun: Training on Your Terms

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With his revolutionary HEET Express Training System, Gerald can help you take your fitness routine to the next level without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home, flat, favourite park, or office. He brings the experience, energy, and dedication to inspire you to train harder than ever, achieve your goals, and improve your heath for goo. 

With Gerald’s customized personal training services, you can: 

  • Enjoy personal training session at any location in Wimbledon
  • Participate in fun, motivational workouts that make exercise easy
  • Get rid of fat in those troublesome areas
  • Receive custom nutritional advice (that won’t make you starve yourself)
  • Enjoy a sustainable diet and exercise plan that guarantees weight loss
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Let our Personal Trainers in Wimbledon Bring Affordable Fitness to You!

Why I Developed HEET& What You Can Expect I know that my clients don’t have a lot of free time, that’s why I developed the HEET Express Workout System. A revolutionary new approach to exercise, HEET is quite simply the best training system out there at the moment. With my hands-on guidance, you can do a full 90-minute workout in just 45 minutes! During this time, your energy output will be roughly equivalent to 10 rounds of boxing. This type of minimal rest / maximum rep training is integral to providing my clients with the sort of results they need. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast who’s plateaued and wants to “jumpstart” their gains, or a complete newbie to exercise, HEET can help you. With HEET, you will see the following:

Personal Training in Wimbledon at Affordable Prices!

Why pay inflated gym prices just to wait for the machines you want to use? We provide mobile personal trainers to the location of your choice at highly-competitive prices.

"I first started working with Gerald as I wanted to lose weight and get into better shape for my wedding. I had almost exactly four months in which to achieve this. Gerald got me into the best shape of my life. I started at 57kgs and was 49kgs on my wedding day!
Rachel Dawson
“This was the beginning of a process that really started to sort me out. Over time I have become stronger, more flexible, fitter and lighter and I now weigh 108kg.”
Peter Oliver
Laura Sawyer transformation Story after her training with Gerald Smith
"Over the course of my sessions with Gerald I have seen both my body shape and body fat decrease and my stamina, overall fitness and strength increase – all without doing one sit-up! I never thought I could lose 17 kgs, but Gerald really pushed me. I am my own worst critic and you have taken the time to try and understand what motivates me and what I respond too – no mean feat I have to say!"
Peter Oliver

Personal Trainer Wimbledon “Gerald Smith” Has written for the following publications:

Have Fun And Get Fit While SAVING MONEY With The Revolutionary HEET System!

The HEET workout consists of 10 three-minute rounds of intense exercise, immediately followed by a minute of rest. This provides you with THREE FULL WORKOUTS in one 45-minute session, which will challenge your body and help launch you toward your fitness goals. Best of all, every single exercise we present you with can be done anywhere and anytime without compromising results. 

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The HEET System: How it Works

When you push your body to the max, it responds appropriately. With the HEET (High Energy Efficient Training) approach to exercise, we’re pushing your body to burn more calories and build more muscle in the shortest amount of time possible. 

The HEET workout consists of 10 three-minute rounds of intense exercise, immediately followed by a minute of rest.

This provides you with THREE FULL WORKOUTS in one 45-minute session, which will challenge your body and help launch you toward your fitness goals. Best of all, every single exercise we present you with can be done anywhere and anytime without compromising results. 

1. Exercise Density

This is the way we refer to condensing multiple vigorous exercises into one short session. The higher your intensity during your workouts, the faster your body will ultimately respond.


Peripheral Heart Action Training (PHAT) –By utilising the metabolic effects of peripheral heart rate training (PHT) your metabolism will burn fat for up to 24 hours after your session has ended.

3. Customized Nutrition

Get a customised nutrition plan to help you burn calories, complement your metabolic body type and an exercise plan to help you maximise your results!

The Science Behind the HEET System

When Gerald Smith designed the HEET Express Workout System, he wasn’t just drawing on years of personal training experience – he was using real science to create a workout approach that condenses multiple exercises into a short period of time.

HEET comprises of three main fitness components:

Weight lifting is a part of strength training

1. Strength Training – Build and tone your muscles using resistance training techniques ranging from body weight to weight training.


2. Aerobic Exercise –Elevate your heart rate for extended periods of time to promote fat loss while also strengthening your lungs and heart.

Anaerobic exercise is the second step in HEET System

3. Anaerobic Exercise – Fast, explosive exercise movements that speed up your metabolism and reduce your blood’s glucose levels.

When combined, all of these exercise types add up to powerful weight loss and incredible toning and shaping results.

"I really enjoyed working with a person who took interest in me individually; taking consideration my specific needs rather than making me use a program that was designed for another person. The programme had two main strands. The first was CV work in order to lose the weight I wanted and the second was weights work in order to tone .I lost 28 kgs in 6 months."
Daniel Walters
Project Manager
David-Wu Transformation-Stroy
"Gerald was excellent as he instantly planned a good programme for me. He did this by testing the limits of my strength and stamina in order to make sure that I didn’t get injured or overwork, which he assured me, would be counterproductive in the longer term. I lost over 30 kgs in 6 months."
David Wu
Kate Taylor Transformation Story
"if you’re looking for a proper fitness plan that will increase your fitness level, you should hire Gerald. I am sure he’ll scale to gentler exercise if you need it, but I’m all about boxing. I burn over 500 kcal per session and have lost 17kgs."
Kate Taylor
Account Manager

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Personal Trainer in Wimbledon: Call Gerald Smith for the Ultimate Body Transformation

What is personal training

If you want to truly transform your body, and you live in the Greater London area, Gerald Smith is your best choice for a personal trainer.

Gerald often extends his services to busy mothers, working professional and anyone else looking to get the perfect body on their time.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase your strength, or simply improve your health, you’ll love Gerald’s friendly, fast, and effective approach to fitness. 

For the ultimate convenience, Gerald comes directly to you, providing training at your studio, flat, home, or favourite park.

Not only are Gerald’s workouts customised to your fitness level, but they are specifically designed to maximise your results in less time, so you can enjoy your new body as soon as possible. 

Our Packages Include

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About SFS Personal Training Wimbledon

SFS Personal Training Wimbledon  is run by Gerald Smith and located at Prospect House, Colliers Wood, London SW19 2RZ.

Wimbledon is located in the London’s south west region, west of Mitcham, south of Wandsworth, east of Kingston upon Thames and north of Sutton on the outskirts of Greater London. It is 7 miles (11.3 km) south-west of Charing Cross. 

Sites located near SFS Personal Training Wimbledon include:

  • Abbey Mills Studio: A local business providing modern photography in the London borough of Merton, England.
  • Bobat and Co: An accountancy firm in the London borough of Merton, England.
  • The Supply Room: A recruitment agency specialising in education recrutiment in the London borough of Merton, England.
  • Sheerman Blunt: Design agency established in 1993 in the London Borough of Merton, England.
  • Coraider Services: Software developers situated in the London Borough of Merton, England.

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Name: SFS Personal Training Wimbledon
Address:  Prospect House, Colliers Wood, London SW19 2RZ
Phone: 07789 179768


Most frequent questions and answers

We make exercise fun and exciting so that you can make a long term commitment to exercise.

Don’t worry, we will come to you at a time that is both convenient and easy for you,

You should aim for three times a week for best results, but it is up to you.

At SFS we want to bring personal training to the mainstream. We don’t want personal training to be just for the rich or famous. We have intenionaly made our prices affordable for EVERYONE.

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