Body Transformations For Men Over 35

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body transformations menBody Transformations For Men Over 35: Why Men over 35 Need To Try Harder.

I once trainer a guy in his late 40’s.
He was working 14-16-hour days every day.
As a result, he became unhealthy, he had bad skin, he had to drink several cups of coffee each day just to keep going.
By his own admission, he was overweight with a big gut and looked at least 10 years older.
When the weekends came he was down the pub getting drunk, to escape his reality and let loose.
He and his wife had 3 kids. They were 18, 19 and 21 respectively.
He had been married to his wife for 22 years, but they had slowly been growing apart year by year.
However, instead of paying attention to his wife and children he took the easy option.
He worked harder and just blamed his excessive working hours on the car loans, and high mortgage payments that were due every month.
……..but the reality was that he was lost. He wanted to run from his problems rather than face them head on.
Work was a way for him to avoid the problems and obstacles he faced at home. It was also a reason for not to have to deal with his problems.
He would say “I’m busy, I don’t have the time.
Do you want to know the result of all this?
A total disconnection from his wife and children.
Even when he was with them, his mind was somewhere else. He could never connect and be present when he was with them.
He wasn’t the father or husband that he knew he could be or wanted to be.
Even though this was killing him on the inside he still did nothing about it.
……..instead he used alcohol to numb his pain.
Not just weekends either. Even on week nights he would drink!
It’s not the life he wanted
Despite what was going on, deep down inside he knew that he wanted to act better. He just didn’t know how.
Things got worst before they got better.
His wife left him………
His children were all grown up, so they didn’t have to worry about who would live with who in the divorce.
Life felt empty. Going back to an empty home with no children around.
His wife was now with someone else.
He drank a bit more to fill the void, but the alcohol wasn’t helping.
The turning point
Then something happened. In fact, two things happened.
While he was trying on a new suit in John Lewis, he found that the 36” trousers were too small and that he needed the next size up.
Then the next He was looking at some old pictures of himself that he found in the house.
It was a holiday picture of himself taken a few years ago. He was on the beach with his top off and he barely recognised himself.
He told me that he felt like he had become a fat dad.
All of a sudden, he felt much older than what he was. He took a few minutes to reflect on his life and how he had got to this point.
He had a moment of clarity.
It was at that point that he decided that it was time to change!
The journey begins
It was at this point that we met, and we went on one hell of a journey.
After 9 months his fitness levels sky rocketed. No more beer gut. All unhealthy habits had been kicked to the curb. He was a different guy.
He is now remarried. His relationship with his kids is stronger then ever. He is no longer the vacant figure of the past. When he is with them, he is with them 100% and not thinking about other things.
His wife and family are his number one priority.
He is now the role model to his kids that he always wanted to be.
His kids see him regularly. They see the way he eats. They see the way he looks after himself. They see how he acts around his new wife.
He has also inspired people around him to make changes in their lives.
Then there is his new wife. They have such a strong relationship. They share their dreams with one another and work every day to achieve them.
We are still in contact with each other. He hasn’t put the weight back on. He has maintained the habits.
He is super fit and happy.
Since his “wake up call” he hasn’t looked back.
He has more energy. He sleeps better. He has an extra spring in his step. His energy levels are better. He is more productive at work. His concentration is better.
Was it easy for him?
Anything worth having is never easy.
Once he had his wake-up call one of two things were going to happen when numerous obstacles presented themselves.
He would either find a way to overcome them………..
Or he would find an excuse.
Looking back at his life he has no regrets about his decision.
Now I realise that some people will read this and think that this story is dramatic. That just because my client decided to get healthy that everything in his life changed.
However, its not just about being healthy. Its about how being healthy impacts every area of your life.
When he was overweight and had a bad diet, he used to use coffee to give him energy to help him through work. his energy levels were poor.
As a result, he had no energy to give to his wife and kids when he got home.
His energy levels improved dramatically once he improved his diet, and he put that extra energy into the relationships that mattered in his life.
Getting healthy also inspired people around him to get healthy.
When he set crazy goals and achieved them, other people in his life started doing the same.
Is there a secret to his success?
It was a case of getting a plan in place, having me to hold him accountable along the way and working hard.
As a personal trainer it was really rewarding for me to help him.
I spent over 3 years studying a degree in Exercise, nutrition and health.
I have spent thousands of pounds on qualifications on fitness training and nutrition over the last 10 years.
I have always loved sport and exercise. It has been a way for me to deal with personal problems and it has been a hobby.
I quickly realised after completing my degree that exercise wasn’t for everyone. I made it my mission to make exercise fun for everyone and to help change lives.
I have helped many men over the age of 35 achieve their fitness goals. I feel it would be selfish of me to not share this knowledge with men over 35 to do the same.
PS. click on the link below if you fancy having a FREE transformation session. I want to work with 4 local men over 35 who are serious about wanting to get fitter, leaner and healthier. Click Here

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