EHF022 – What is the best diet?

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What is the best diet?

There is a lot of debate between holistic nutritionists about what is the best type of diet to eat.
We also have to consider the governments diet recommendations as well, which strongly oppose the view point of holistic practitioners.
There are a 3 diets that have received recognition over the last few years that have seen people both lose weight and receive major health improvements.
Those 3 diets are the metabolic diet, the paleo diet and the metabolic typing diet. Each diet has some similarities in the sense that you eat foods that were on the planet thousands of years ago.
However, where these diets differ is the quantities of macro-nutrients that you eat on each diet. What I will do first is introduce each diet and talk about the results each one is achieving.

The Paleo diet

The Paleo diet is a high protein, medium fat and low carbohydrate diet. It consists of eating quality meat protein sources such as organic chicken, 100% grass fed beef and lamb, and freshly caught fish.
There are no dairy products allowed on this diet.
Not only have people lost weight on this diet, but they have seen improvements in joint health, reversing diabetes, lowering cholesterol, improved fertility, and many other improvements in health.

The Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, medium protein and low carbohydrate diet. This diet originated from the Atkins diet, but has been modified to eliminate unhealthy fats and proteins.
To find out more about the ketogenic diet listen to my podcast with Stephanie Person.
In terms of the results they are in line with the results of the Paleo diet and have even been known to reverse cancer.

The metabolic diet

The metabolic diet is built on the premise that depending on what region of the world your ancestors are from your body has adapted to either been able to eat a high protein diet, high carbohydrate diet or a mix between the two.
On this diet you will only eat foods that were on the earth 1000’s of years ago just like the other two.
The results are in line with the ketogenic diet in the sense that it has reversed many health related diseases and is great for weight loss.

Topic: What is the best diet?

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