Personal Trainer 3 Times A Week Results

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personal trainer 3 times a week results

Personal trainer 3 times a week results

Personal trainer 3 times a week results – I have been a personal trainer London for many years now and one of the results that I am most proud of is helping Chizzee Igheboro lose 44 kgs.

As a personal trainer London, I like my clients to see me 3 times a week for the best results. This helps my clients to focus on training.

Personal trainer 3 times a week results with Gerald Smith

Also, seeing me 3 times a week means that I have more time to help you break old habits and form new ones.

results with a personal trainer 3 times a week

This was what I wanted to do with Chizzee. As a London personal trainer, I can train you in a park, gym or your home.

I trained Chizzee in the park during In the 3 sessions that we did a week and I focused on two things:

  1. Intense cardio sessions that mainly consisted of boxing and short sprints.
  2. Strength training using his body weight as resistance

Chizzee was reluctant to train hard at first as he had tried different types of programs before that he lost interest in and quit.

Twickenham personal trainer

However, Chizzee told me that the reason why he was able to continue with my program is that he found the training sessions fun and the diet plan easy to follow as he didn’t have to starve himself.

Personal training 3 times a week will get results for you

In the first two months he lost 1 stone and after 6 months he had lost 3 stone. The progress gradual and consistent.

I noticed that as time went on Chizzee’s confidence in his ability to use his body increased and in his own words “he started to look forward to the sessions.”

If you are interested in getting similar results to Chizzee please book a free consultation with personal trainer London Gerald Smith now!

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Gerald has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise, Nutrition & Health. He is an ASA qualified swimming teacher, and a qualified personal trainer. Gerald has developed his own exclusion diet, which he uses to help his clients lose weight.