TRX Abs Workout: 5 TRX Abs Exercises For A Killer Core

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trx abs exercisesTRX Abs Workout: 5 TRX Abs Exercises For A Killer Core

Some of you may prefer to work abs the old fashioned way, which is to do ab exercises with no fitness equipment.
There is nothing wrong with doing ab exercises with no equipment, but you may be missing out on different ways to hit the core.
There have been many different pieces of fitness equipment introduced to gyms for working the abdominal muscles. Some of them are good.
For example, kettlebells, battle ropes, the core momentum trainer to name but a few. Others have been really poor. The trx is one of the best ways you can train your core.

Introducing the TRX

The TRX is versatile and you can do trx exercises for the whole body. TRX stands for Total Resistance exercise and it was designed by a former US navy seals officer by the name of Randy Hetrick.
While he was deployed in Asia in the late 90’s he was originaly looking for other alternatives to get fit other then doing press ups and pull ups.
After he left the Navy in 2001 he studied at university to get a masters degree and he eventually developed the training tool we now know as the TRX.

The TRX trains multiple components of fitness

The TRX utilises your body weight to train strength, power, balance and core stability. It was designed based on research from professional sports, the military and academic institutions.
There are many different TRX training systems available for home use. Here is the one I am using in this article.
In this article i will show you 5 TRX abs exercises you can do at home or in the gym. At the end of this article i will show you my favourite resource for TRX training.
Perform each exercise one after the other performing between 10-15 Reps each set. Perform 3-4 sets and rest 45 seconds between each set.
Once you have finished one round (5 exercises) rest for one minute and start the circuit again.

Here is the TRX Abs Workout

trx abs workout

TRX Abs Exercises and full description:


1) Body Twist
Your arms should both be fully extended. Your hips should both be level with each other with both hips facing upwards. Rotate your body until your hand is facing the ground while maintaining your grip on the handle with your opposite hand. Your hips should no longer be facing upwards. They should have rotated and should now be facing sideways.

2) Roll out
Start on your knees with your body in an upward position. Move your body forward while maintaining your body in an upright position. Extend your arms and keep them as long as possible while maintaining a straight back. When you have moved as far forward as you can reverse the movement.

3) Jack knife
Place both your feet into both of the handles and start with your hands on the floor with both arms extended. Begin by moving both your knees towards you by bending your hips. Make sure your back does not bend while you move your knees and hips. Also, keep your bum down at all times.

4) Pike
Start in the same position as you did in the Jack Knife. However this time when you bend at your hips allow your bum to go as high in the air as you can. Your feet will move towards your head and you must maintain your legs in a straight position at all times. Try and bend as much as you can at your hips to maximize the work on your abdominals.

5) Body Twist & Squat
The same as in the body twist exercise, and ow you will add a knee bend as you rotate the body. You will feel your hands almost touch the floor once you add the knee bend in.

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