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 Struggling to fit into clothes that use to fit well
 Lack of motivation to go gym
 No results from your current exercise program
 Bored of exercise
 Diet and exercise plans that make your life miserable

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Gerald worked with me on diet and lifestyle.  It was fantastic to me to have someone working with me who wasn’t just interested in the hour we spent together but took a holistic approach to my lifestyle as well.

As the wedding approached he was able to give me more and more hints and tips that allowed me to hit near to my perfect weight, by the time the wedding day rolled around”, 

Jasmine Fox, 39

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“I first started working with Gerald as I wanted to lose weight and get into better shape for my wedding.  I had almost exactly four months in which to achieve this.  I was slightly overweight but I was far more interested in the aesthetics than actually ‘getting fit’.
Gerald was excellent as he instantly planned a good programme for me.  He did this by testing the limits of my strength and stamina in order to make sure that I didn’t get injured or overwork, which he assured me, would be counterproductive in the longer term.

Julie Windsor, 48

I first weighed 78kg when I joined the gym and I had no intention of having a trainer, but then I came into contact with Gerald and of course he was nothing like the preconceived stereotype. What I initially liked is that he sat me down for 30-45 minutes and went through my whole history and where I wanted to go, which was basically to improve fitness and lose weight. This was followed by an assessment where he gauged my fitness and flexibility. I had no idea how inflexible I was – didn’t even realise it was an issue.

 This was the beginning of a process that really started to sort me out. Over time I have become stronger, more flexible, fitter and lighter and I now way 65kg.” 

Gemma Crawford, 42

I would describe Gerald as engaging and easy to talk with, he is a good listener but rubbish at counting sets and repetitions! He is a good motivator – tough but fair and pushes me to the limit every time. He is good at explaining the reason for doing an exercise and the benefits it brings to my sports, plus he has a good sense of humour and personality – very likeable.

Over the course of my sessions with you I have seen my both my body shape and body fat decrease and my stamina, overall fitness and strength increase – all without doing one sit-up! I have now lost 23 lbs.”

Louise Brown, 36

Initially I found it hard and I wanted to quit in the first week, but I found Gerald was easy to get on with and I decided to give it more time, and I am so glad I did. By the end of the summer I was 60 kilograms from a starting weight of 72 kgs, which is a two and a half stone loss. I know I still have to do some more work, but I now feel more confident to continue kick boxing, and to start other sports when I start university. My only regret that I never met Gerald earlier”.

 Deborah Jones, 44


This website does not provide medical advice.

Results may vary: Hormone issues, and reasons for being over weight are different from person to person. This may be psychological, environmental, genetic but the speed off metabolism and physical exertion will also vary between individuals. This means that the results of weight loss will be variable between each person. No individual result is typical and should not be viewed that way. 

Are there any differences between female fat loss and fat loss for men………

…………Absolutely 100% yes!!..,.

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Women are hormonally different to men. One example of this is that they have lower levels of testosterone, which is an important hormone if you want to look lean and toned. Testosterone builds muscle and as women have 1/10th the amount of testosterone to men they have less muscle.

This means that women carry more fat than men. Also, due to the fact that women have higher levels of estrogen (hormone produced by the ovaries) they tend to store more fat around the hips, bum and thigh regions. This is main reason why these spots are problematic on a woman’s body.

This program takes into account all theses problems and has been designed with the specific goal of solving these problems. The nutrition and the exercise plans aim to bring balance to your hormones to help regulate your estrogen levels.

This is what you get with this program:

london weight loss

Here is what you will experience with this transformation package

  Fat burn over 400 calories per workout

  Toned legs, bum, thighs and arms

  Improved energy levels, stamina and strength

Accelerated metabolism for fat burning at rest

  Firmer, flatter abs and small waist

  2-6 kgs of weight loss

  2-6% drop in body fat

  Long and lean fitter body.

  Look good and feel good about yourself again

  Remove cravings for sweet things and junk

  Sleep better and increased productivity

  No more bloating and fatigue

  Improve the quality of your sleep

Look good in your favorite clothes again! 

money back