EHF024 – Top 3 worst effects of drinking coffee

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effects of drinking coffee

Top 3 Worst effects of drinking coffee

  1. Coffee impacts on your sleep
  2. It increases stress
  3. Its addictive

Reasons why coffee is good for you.

Coffee can be good for you because it does have many anti-oxidants which are anti againg in nature.
Our bodies take in a large number of toxins each day through pollution, foods we eat, skin care products and many other things.


Anti-oxidants combat these toxins which we face today helping to prevent free radical damage, and coffee is one of the 5 highest foods in anti-oxidants.
Coffee also helps stimulate the liver. The liver carries out many important functions like helping the body to remove toxins.

Top 3 worst effects of drinking coffee

Coffee increases exercise performance

Coffee has been shown to improve exercise performance, increase blood flow to the brain so its easy to see that there are many benefits to drinking coffee.

Coffee and cortisol release

Your adrenal glands secrete cortisol, adrenaline which are your fight and flight hormones. Coffee releases this hormone, and causes a constant stress, which can lead to your adrenal glands being burned out and an increase in chronic inflammation.
When those hormones are being secreted it’s a fake rush of energy. You will have energy for a few hours and then you will crash.
Over a period of time drinking coffee, combined with a poor diet and other lifestyle factors could even lead to adrenal fatigue, which is symbolised by constantly being fatigued.
It causes your blood sugar levels to crash because the release of cortisol causes you to crave sugar
Coffee can have a negative impact on your sleep since caffeine can last up to 12 hours in your system.
If you have coffee before lunch time and in the morning you should be ok, but just after lunch time it can affect your sleep.
Also, it’s not just the amount of sleep that you may have that night that will be affected, but the quality of your sleep. How deep your sleep is.

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