The Spartacus Workout

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Spartacus workout

Spartacus workout – BURN FAT FASTER THAN EVER

Stop wasting your time in the gym and bid farewell to the extra fat for good with the Spartacus workout.

The Spartacus Workout routine has 10 exercises that specifically build the entire body. After the program, the result should be a lean and athletic body.

The Workout routine is of high intensity with each exercise spanning roughly 60 seconds. By following this routine, you are guaranteed to be in the best shape of life while burning fat.

Additionally, the routine will allow you to build form for your arms, chest, muscles and abs. Since it is a full body workout routine, the cardio exercises will help strengthen your lungs and heart.

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Do this circuit three days a week. Each exercise is called a station, perform 1 set of each station and it should last for 60 seconds.

Do as many reps of each station within that 60 second time frame, then proceed to the next station, take a 15 second break between stations then 2 minutes break when you have done all ten stations(1 circuit), then repeat twice.

If you cannot go for an entire minute during a station, no problem, rest for just a few seconds and resume until the 60 seconds at each station is up. Use a challenging dumbbell for 15- 20 reps.


spartacus workout

The Goblet Squat

Grab one end of the dumbbell with both hands and put it directly in front of your chest and place your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width.

With your back naturally arched, push your waist backwards and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Hold for a while the return to the starting position. If it is difficult to perform the body weight squat instead.


Gladiator workout

Mountain Climber

The starting position for this station is the push up position. Your arms and entire body should be completely straight. Raise your left knee and allow it to almost get to your chest. Repeat this with the left and continue for the complete duration of the station


kb swing

Single arm kettlebell swing

With a kettlebell stretched out in front in front of your waist lower the kettlebell between your hips and knees and swing it between your legs. Maintaining the arms in a straight position, push your waist forward and bring the kettlebell up to shoulder level as you rise to the starting position. When the timer hits 30 seconds, switch arms!



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T-push up

While holding a pair of dumbbells and in a push up position, lower your chest until it nearly touches the floor. When coming up to the starting position, raise your right hand and rotate it towards the left side, forming a T.  The second push up should be towards the left side.


Workout for spartans

Split Jump

Place your right foot in front of your left foot and bend your left knee till it almost touches the floor. Push your body with enough force to lift both feet off the floor and while in the air, switch your foot so you land with your left foot in front of your right one. Continue this for the remainder of the station.



Dumbbell Row

While holding dumbbells and bending in such a way that the torso is almost parallel with the floor, and the dumbbells are hanging at arm’s length. Push the elbows upwards while ensuring the shoulder blades squeeze together. Hold in that position, release and repeat.


spartan training program

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Dumbbell side lunge and touch

With a pair of dumbbells, move with a wide step to the right and bring the body down and move the hips backward while bending on your right knee. Then let the dumbbells touch the floor. Do this for thirty seconds then switch to the left knee. If the exercise is difficult, perform the station without the dumbbells, touch the floor with your hands.


spartacus circuit training

Push up position row

While holding dumbbells and in a push up position, do a row with the dumbbell in your left hand and bring it to the side of your chest and bend the elbow as you pull upward, hold for a while then lower the left hand as you repeat with the right.


Spartan workout for beginners

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Dumbbell lunge and rotation

While holding a dumbbell by the ends just under your chin place your left foot out and  lower your body into a lunge just before reaching the floor, rotate your body towards the left. Repeat the station while alternating between left and right legs. If the station proves difficult do it without the dumbbell.



Dumbbell push press

While holding dumbbells at the shoulder with both palms facing each other. Stand with your feet apart and knees slightly bent. Dip the knees then propel yourself upwards as you press the weights together. Bring the dumbbells back to the starting position and repeat until the station time is complete.

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