The number one Highly Effective Habit for weight loss

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The number one Highly Effective Habit for weight loss

The number one Highly Effective Habit for weight loss

When we think about losing weight there are two things that come to mind. Those are likely to be start exercising and go on a diet.
Both these factors are important, but most people forget the most important area of all. Training the mind.
If the mind is weak and your not mentally committed to the task then you wont stick to your diet or exercise plan. You need to train the mind and visualisation is a great way to achieve this.
What is visualisation?
Visualisation is a technique or a tool where you sit down quietly by yourself and use your imagination to create visions and imagery to prime your subconscious mind of the goals that you want to attain.
With visualisation your mental and emotional desires can be transformed into physical and become your new reality.
By using visualisation you can also get rid of the conflicting thoughts that hold you back from achieving your goals. However, in order to create what you want you have to clearly see it.
At first this will not be easy but the clearer you can see your desires the easier it will come in to your life.
Visualisation helps you get clearer of what your goals are and makes it much more easier to take action on your goals.
Why you should use Visualisation for weight loss
A weight loss goal is one of the hardest goals to achieve, and many people fail with this goal. As it is a goal that requires a lot of effort you must be prepared to put that extra effort in, and  this is why visualisation is important.
How to use visualisation

  1. Find a quiet place, get a stop watch and make sure you wont be disturbed as you will need peace. You will need between 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Set a focus for your visualisation. What do you want to visualize? What is the goal, the objective or purpose. Just set one focus for this session. You may be visualising yourself at the Christmas party turning down treats and alchol. You may visualise yourself at the gym pushing through your workout.
  3. Calm yourself down. We spend so much time rushing about, thinking about problems at work, thinking about whats gonna happen tomorrow. Spend 1-2 minutes doing some deep breathing.
  4. Think about what the emotion of being slimmer, being ripped will feel like. Do this first part with your eyes open. Once you connect with the emotion the visions will start to come.
  5. Then you can close your eyes.
  6. Now start the timer and start visualising your goal. What does it look like to be 3 stone lighter, what kind of clothes will you wear, how will people look at you when your in good shape, how will it effect you at work, what will you be doing with your life, how will your life be different, how will it effect your energy levels, how will it make you feel inside? Will you have a big smile on your face, how will your family feel about you, how will your partner feel about you, how will your friends at work feel about you, how will your potential business associates feel about you.
  7. The visions may be 15-20 seconds at a time Expect your visions to be murky and unclear, and you may only get short bursts of visions for 15-20 seconds at first. After a while it will get better and more vivid after time. Try to use your other senses like taste, smell, sound. You may use your taste to imagine the type of healthy foods your going to be eating when you entertain your clients, or are trying to win new business. You may imagine the smell of the foods you will be eating, the sound of laughter with your clients.
  8. Visualise yourself in the now. Even if your goal is to lose 4 stone six months from now, visualise yourself being 4 stone lighter now. Visualising the future is better then not visualising at all, but your mind will buy into the present even more.
  9. Do all those steps and when your timer goes off your done.

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The subconscious mind
When you first start using visualisation you may start to have negative thoughts. This is your subconscious mind speaking.
Within your subconscious mind you have a view of the world, which dictates your beliefs.
You store what you believe to be true, what you believe to be false, things you can and cant do, your strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly what you believe about yourself.
There may be many self beliefs that you have developed over the years that can be holding you back and takeing away your power.
Eliminating negative thoughts
For example, you may start to visualise being 88kg, but you are currently 120 kg. Your mind will likely want to rebel about the visions you are having.
If you have never been slim before and you start visualising being slim, your mind is gonna reject and say its unrealistic, and that your being silly.
This is normal, but pay careful attention to this as this is your mind creating negative thoughts that will negatively impact on your desire.
Even if the thoughts feel silly you must through them. Those negative thoughts are not true at all, but as long as you have that belief you will always fail as these limiting beliefs will hold you back.
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Reshaping your subconscious mind
Visualisation allows you to reshape, and eliminate your own limiting beliefs which are holding you back.
Once these thoughts are eliminated you have the power to mould and create new stronger beliefs to help you form new behaviours and actions that will help you to achieve your goals.

Using visualisation to over come bad habits

Try to use visualisation as a practice run. Use visualisation to put you in all the different situations that may be challenging to you and visualise yourself being successful.
You may start visualising yourself at a wedding and some of your favourite foods will be there. Initially you may feel hungry and excited by the thoughts of these foods.
After you have been visualising for a while your mind will stop evoking the emotion of the happiness and joy you get from the foods as you may start to teach yourself to remember the negative impact that these foods have had on your health.
At first it may be difficult, but each night you practice it will get easier and after a while you will be able to see these bad foods in a whole new different way.
By doing this you will now feel a negative feeling to these foods and be more determined to stay away from these foods.
When you use visualisation in this way it will allow you to see where you are harbouring negative thoughts, shift your mind set and eliminate negative thoughts.

Subconcious mind.

This process doesn’t work unless you do it every single day. Your trying to reprogramme your subconscious mind and it is a process that can take weeks. If you are inconsistent with this process then your wasting your time. Commit to this habit.
Do it in the morning, evening or at lunch, but just be consistent.
You need to wait 2-4 weeks before you see results
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