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As a badminton player I felt I needed help tuning up the specific muscles that i use during my battles on court. During my time with Gerald, we have been partaking in stability and conditioning exercises to try and improve my explosive ability on court. Although the exercises were painful (as expected!) I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Gerald as he is a great guy and he is very easy to get along with.

[toggle title=’Read More..’] If the work is put in, you will notice the difference and the impact he has had on you in no time! As a result of my time with Gerald, I feel great and am high in self confidence about my own body. As a strength and conditioning coach I very highly recommend him.[/toggle]

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It is a joy exercising with Gerald. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with refining exercises based on needs and limitations, as well as very intuitive when it comes to detecting problems that could be hindering our potential.

[toggle title=’Read More..’] He is very flexible and adjusts great with our busy schedule, always on time and resourceful when using the environment for exercising. Boxing exercises are especially fun. He has a very pleasant and encouraging character and we would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.
Phillip Bourguignon
Senior Rowing Coach, London Rowing Club in Putney
As senior coach of Rowing at London Rowing club I have worked with Gerald for the past year, and during that time he has developed and implemented a fully structured strength and conditioning program, with special attention to flexibility, movement range and core strength.

The training program and testing protocols procedures that Gerald has used in that time has resulted in big improvements in the functional strength of the rowers, leading to huge improvements on the water and in races due to their improved range of motion and extra leg power. With Gerald’s assistance over the past year, London Rowing club has had its most successful racing seasons to date, capped off with a victory at the notorious Henley Royal Regatta.[/toggle]

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Gerald was excellent as he instantly planned a good programme for me. He did this by testing the limits of my strength and stamina in order to make sure that I didn’t get injured or overwork, which he assured me, would be counterproductive in the longer term.

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I first started working with Gerald as I wanted to lose weight and get into better shape for my wedding.  I had almost exactly four months in which to achieve this.  I was slightly overweight but I was far more interested in the aesthetics than actually ‘getting fit’.
Gerald was excellent as he instantly planned a good programme for me.  He did this by testing the limits of my strength and stamina in order to make sure that I didn’t get injured or overwork, which he assured me, would be counterproductive in the longer term.

It was excellent to work with someone who was interested in me as an individual and what my needs were rather than trying to make me do a programme that had worked for someone else but wouldn’t necessarily be right for me.

The programme had two main strands.  The first was CV work in order to lose the weight I wanted and the second was weights work in order to tone.  It hadn’t occurred to me that the toning element was as important as the CV in weight loss.  I’d run in the past but that was it.

The CV work we did started with rowing.  Gerald is a keen rower and he explained clearly and with detail exactly how rowing would help, the muscle groups it would use and the benefits it would have.  However he also urged caution.  I’d had a bad back injury in the past by misusing the rowing machine so the first session was spent teaching me the proper way to use the equipment.  This again shows the care and attention that Gerald takes with the people he works with.

We also did a lot of boxing.  I never knew the boxing would be so hard but Gerald made it fun and sparing was an excellent way to break up the toughness of the workout.  Unfortunately I injured my wrist but Gerald was excellent about it and also showed his flexibility by being able to adapt his plans for me and making sure that the momentum was never lost.

The weights and toning work was extremely hard.  We would spend a session working on lower body, then a session working on upper body.  I have not done a lot of weights work so I found this difficult.  I was pushed extremely hard and I was worried that I might not be able to do it.  However, one of Gerald’s greatest qualities is that he is a fantastic motivator and he helped me to keep going even though it would have been easier to stop.

Gerald also worked with me on diet and lifestyle.  It was fantastic to me to have someone working with me who wasn’t just interested in the hour we spent together but took a holistic approach to my lifestyle as well.

As the wedding approached he was able to give me more and more hints and tips that allowed me to hit near to my perfect weight by the time the wedding day rolled around.

It was pure luck that Gerald was assigned to me but I never looked back.  He’s a funny, personable guy who cares and takes an interest in what you do and where you want to go.  But he’s no pushover.  If you want an easy ride then he isn’t the man for you but he will push you to success while still being fun, enthusiastic and incredibly capable.    I hope to work with Gerald again in the future.  Although I won’t wait for something as major as a wedding next time.

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I have always wanted to lose weight, but I have never been able to motivate myself to exercise or stick to a diet that could help me lose weight. That was until I met Gerald.

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I started working with Gerald in the summer of 2013 and I was keen to lose as much weight as possible before starting university in September. I decided that I was going to do an 8 week intensive course five days a week.

Initially I found it hard and I wanted to quit in the first week, but I found Gerald was easy to get on with and I decided to give it more time, and I am so glad I did. By the end of the summer I was 136 kilograms from a starting weight of 154 kgs, which is a two and a half stone loss. I know I still have to do some more work, but I now feel more confident to continue kick boxing, and to start other sports when I start university. My only regret that I never met Gerald earlier.

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“As a registered osteopath and a very keen distance runner I have a special interest in running biomechanics and I was therefore intrigued to find out how Gerald could help my running form. In short I was very impressed with his knowledge and ease in which he explained the relevance of specific exercises. He is a very likable character and there is a natural ease when training with him.”

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CAROLINE RENDALL, Director of marketing,

Gerald was worth every penny. I spent money every month on a gym membership I was not using. I noticed an immediate change in myself after having Gerald train me 3 times a week. Not only does he get you exercising but helps you to manage your healthy eating.

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I have lost 2.5stone in 3 months and I will honestly say its all because of Gerald. Though I will say count your own reps because Gerald will sneak a couple of extras in without you noticing. Thanks Gerald for all your Help. I still have another 15lbs to lose before I reach my target weight and I’ll be using Gerald to get me there.
Andrea Menasche, Global Sales Director, Hammersmith
Gerald started training my towards the end of summer.
He has a challenge with knee and wrist injuries and a travel schedule to try and get some sense of consistency in sessions and attendance.
He has according to my two physios, created an optimum programme for the type of injuries I have had and his work is definitely working towards the resolution. 

If you add into this, someone who hasn’t done exercise for over 3-4yrs other than walk a fair amount. He needed to get me fit enough to build up the stamina and stability. 
I have really enjoyed the sessions once they are over and I am feeling much better all round with more energy and knees that are beginning to slowly improve. 

Gerald is a pleasure to work with and always willing to look and learn something knew, whether it is from the physio direct  or the latest info he has researched on the net.

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Gerald has trained me for many months now, I do 3 x 1 hour a week which I believe is a minimum to really develop and maintain the level of strength and fitness I am looking to achieve. I really love the boxing part, I have discovered a form of exercise that is kind of actually fun in its own right.

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It is also super-effective because there is no such thing as half a punch, if you are in the ring (we do 3 minute rounds) it’s life and death, you or the other guy, you don’t give a half-hearted punch just because of being tired, out of breath etc. not unless you want to ‘lose’I trained in karate for a few years, and CrossFit for about a year and I am amazed at the power you can put into a simple hook or uppercut. I have definitely toned up a lot and also developed a lot of flexibility, and we are actively evening out some imbalances I have left over from an old injury.
One thing though, you are not all allowed to start hiring him and stealing my slots or pushing his prices up from strong demand just from my nice review. But seriously, if you want a proper workout that will make you fitter hire Gerald, although I suspect he can scale to gentle exercise if that is your thing for me it is all about the boxing and 10000%

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I would describe Gerald as engaging and easy to talk with, he is a good listener but rubbish at counting sets and repetitions! He is a good motivator – tough but fair and pushes me to the limit every time. He is good at explaining the reason for doing an exercise and the benefits it brings to my sports, plus he has a good sense of humour and personality – very likeable.

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When I identified my competition schedule you were pretty quick and good at identifying different exercise that would benefit my goals. In particular the swimming exercises you developed for me have really helped as well as the lunges which I do without fail.  I have really enjoyed our outdoor training sessions which again have been tailored to suit my goals. I enjoy every session as I know I get the benefit. Over the course of my sessions with you I have seen my both my body shape and body fat decrease and my stamina, overall fitness and strength increase – all without doing one sit-up!

I am my own worst critic when it comes to sport and you have taken the time to try and understand what motivates me and what I respond too – no mean feat I have to say!

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I first weighed 119kg when I joined the gym and I had no intention of having a trainer, but then I came into contact with Gerald and of course he was nothing like the preconceived stereotype. What I initially liked is that he sat me down for 30-45 minutes and went through my whole history and where I wanted to go, which was basically to improve fitness and lose weight. This was followed by an assessment where he gauged my fitness and flexibility. I had no idea how inflexible I was – didn’t even realise it was an issue.

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It was at this stage Gerald first impressed me, he worked out that my certain parts on my left side were less flexible than my right and started me with stretches and exercises to redress the balance. He also provided excellent nutritional advice. This was the beginning of a process that really started to sort me out. Over time I have become stronger, more flexible, fitter and lighter and I now way 108kg.

The most striking thing, however, is a benefit away from the gym. Gerald by his own admission is not an expert on Golf, but due to the speed, core strength amd flexibility he has instilled in me, I am now driving a golf ball from 220-230 yards before to 270-280 yards now, which has resulted in improving my handicap by 8.

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Gerald has worked with me, and the players, for almost a year and the improvement in the players’ fitness has been outstanding and his work with the players extremely impressive. His sessions are always well‐structured, thoroughly planned and designed to meet the individual needs of the players, which often involves considerable differentiation in session content. The content is always appropriate for the level of the players and the training is challenging, thoughtful, but most importantly made enjoyable for the players. [toggle title=’Read More..’]
In addition to his outstanding knowledge and understanding of the area of strength and conditioning, as well as other areas under the remit of personal training, one of Gerald’s many strengths is his ability to develop an excellent rapport with the players. Sessions are always made very enjoyable and evidence of this rapport is clear from the two‐way feedback and interaction between Gerald and the players throughout the session. Accurate demonstrations, ready assistance and positive encouragement for the players are always provided throughout the session. Feedback from the players about the sessions is always complementary and very positive.

In addition, despite his considerable skills in personal training, as well as sport‐specific applications elsewhere, Gerald has always been keen to learn more about the demands of badminton to ensure that the physical training programme is badminton‐specific and suitable for the junior performance players we work with.


The executive personal trainer plan


  • 10 One hour personal training sessions anywhere you choose
  • Injury prevention and physical fitness assessment
  • Full body assessment
  • 20 minute goal setting session
  • Medical screening

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The executive nutritional plan


  • 12 week programme
  • Email/telephone consultation
  • Gather essential health data.
  • Analyze mental/emotional stresses, environmental stresses, nutrition and hormones.
  • Detailed evaluation
  • Configure the priority of your goals.
  • Personalised meal planner
  • 6 Regular coaching sessions
  • In these sessions, I will:
    • Provide resources to help you succeed
    • Educate you on preventative techniques to reduce/improve stress and illness
    • Advise on effective fitness regimens.
    • Review your progress

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The executive weight loss transformation


  • 12 week programme
  • 10 Personal Training Sessions
  • Email/telephone consultation
  • Analyze mental/emotional stresses, environmental stresses, nutrition and hormones.
  • Detailed evaluation
  • Personalised meal planner
  • 4 Regular Nutrition coaching sessions
  • In these sessions, I will:
    • Provide resources to help you succeed
    • Educate you on preventative techniques to reduce/improve stress and illness
    • Advise on effective fitness regimens.
    • Review your progress
  • Personalized diet and exercise plan to achieve your fitness goal

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