EHF017 – Ski Season Fitness – Best Exercises For Skiing

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Ski season fitness – Best exercises for skiing

Get ready for the ski season with these fitness exercises

Ski season is here and its time to hit those slopes. If you are keen to go harder and faster than you have ever gone before you will need to train your body.
One area of your body that’s important to train are your core muscles. Your consists of your diaphragm, pelvis floor, abdominal muscles and your lower back.
Your legs are also important if you want to ski faster. While core strengthening has some important benefits to prevent injuries.

Why should I do core exercises for skiing?

Skiing is a fast sport and your body has to react to changes of direction, and sharp turns at high speeds on an uneven surface.
Having a strong core will allow you to make these small adjustments really easily. Ideally you will use equipment to replicate the instability you will come across on the alps.
I will show you 2 workout programs with three different levels of stability. These are the fitness tools I would use:

Bosu ball

The bosu ball looks like a swiss ball cut in half, kind of like a half moon. It can be used either with the round section of the ball facing down, which is more advanced.
It can also be used with the flat surface on the floor, which makes it easier to use. The instability from the bosu will greatly help you mimick the instability on the slopes.

Swiss ball

You probably have seen a swiss ball if you’ve gone into a gym before, but maybe are not sure what its called. Its one of those huge inflatable balls that come in different colours.
This is more advanced compared to the bosu ball in terms of instability, but the results will be amazing if you master this.

Here are some of the best exercises for skiing

Programme one: beginner

This program has very little instability, however it is a good starting point to strengthen the main muscles involved in Skiing.
Squat – 3 sets of 10 reps

As I mentioned before the legs are important for skiing as you spend so long in a squatted position. The squat exercise will increase your overall strength endurance.
This will make it easier to maintain the squatted position for longer periods of time to help you go faster.
Make sure that on your 3rd set of 10 repetions that you are going to failure, which means that you are not completing 10 reps on your last set.
Single leg drop – 3sets of 20 reps

This exercise allows you to gain control of your spine to keep it stable during skiing. This will also help with your squats.
Plank 3 sets 0f 1 minute

Another great core exercise that teaches you how to brace the abdominals and reduce lower back pain.
Side oblique curl – 3 sets of 15 reps
This exercise is an amazing exercise for building strength down the side of your body. Think of your body as having 3 planes of motion.
One plain of motion allows you to bend forward as though your taking a bow. Another plane allows you to rotate like a ballet dancer doing a pirouette. The last plane allows you to bend side to side.
The plane that allows you to side bend is called the frontal plane. The side oblique curl works in this plane of motion, and you use this plane a lot when you ski.
Press ups
Its important to train the upper body as well to keep some balance between upper body and lower body strength.

Side jumps
This is an excellent way to work the body in the frontal plane as when you land one leg it is quite unstable similar to when you are skiing.


Intermediate program

Bosu squat – 3×15

This works the same muscles used in skiing and adds greater instability.
Kneeling on a swiss ball – build up to 30 seconds

This works the core in all 3 planes of motion and is a tough exercise.
Press ups on a swiss ball 3 sets of 10 reps

By doing the press up on a swiss ball it turns an exercise for the chest into a chest and core exercise. The instability casues the core to work really hard to stabilise the body, in a similar way to if you ski.
Bicep curl on bosu – 3×15

Its important to work your upper body as well as the lower body, and using the bosu ball for bicep curls also allows the core muscles to work as well.
Side lunge – 3×10

The side lunge works the glutes, core and the front of your legs as well as working some of the muscles that work in the frontal plane.
It requires a lot of core strength, flexibility and leg strength. It is also a great way to see if you have a strength imbalance between your left and right leg.
Ball rollout – 3×10

Very intense exercise for your core that requires great abdominal strength.

Topic: Ski season fitness – Best exercises for skiing


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