EHF019 – Here's how long you should rest between sets

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Sets and reps

Sets And Reps: How Long Should You Rest Between Sets

In today’s podcast I wanted to talk to you about the importance of rest period when working out in a gym. This is an important topic as many times i see people in the gym standing around talking to their friends.
What is so important that it cant wait till after the workout is complete? Once you spend that time standing around your body gets cold and your almost completely rested.
Time is something that shouldn’t be wasted when your in the gym especially when your busy, and you have meetings to travel to and lots of things to do when you get back to the office.

What is the science behind rest period?

During this podcast I am going to address the importance of rest between sets as their is a strong link between rest and volume.
Volume is classified as the amount of sets and reps that you complete in a weights training session. Not many people realize that there is a great deal of overlap between repetitions, sets, rest and volume.
In today’s podcast you will learn:

  • The ideal rest period between sets.
  • The physiological response of the muscle to a long or short rest
  • The impact that rest has on the volume of your session
  • The ideal amount of volume for your session

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Topic: Sets And Reps: How Long Should You Rest Between Sets

Sets and reps

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