How to use running to lose weight fast and burn belly fat easily

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Running to lose weight for beginners

Running to lose weight for beginners – Running is an amazing way to burn body fat to lose weight. It is particularly good for burning that stubborn belly fat that is hard to move.

Running will also help to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles as well, once you have developed core strength.

However, if you are running regularly but you are finding that you are not burning fat, there is a reason for that.

If you want to run to lose weight and burn belly fat you need to other things. Running alone will not be enough!

Why running alone wont help you lose weight if your a beginner

This is something that has been misunderstood by a lot of new runners.

That isn’t to say that running doesn’t burn a lot of calories, because it does. However, if you are eating and drinking excessive amounts of calories you wont outrun a bad diet!

You need to improve your diet as well as do your long runs, and short high intensity runs. Remember that abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym…..

Or in this case the road!

I have given you some running tips to get started.

How to run to lose weight

About your abs

Your abs form part of your core and they have a very important part to play for stabilising your lower back.

When you run your legs will move your pelvis, which in turn will cause your lower back to move.

Your abdominal muscles will prevent excessive movement of the pelvis to help protect your lower back and to keep your upper body in an upright position.

In the long run, having a strong core will help prevent injuries to your lower back

5 steps that you can take to help burn belly fat Running to lose weight

1) Mix up your speed

Instead of running at a slow steady pace try doing interval training. The faster pace will accelerate your heart rate and cause you to burn more calories.

This doesn’t mean that you never do any long steady state runs, but you have to run smart as well as hard. This is one way to do that.

You can either have a non-active recovery, which is where you stop completely. Or alternatively you can run at a slower pace to allow your body time to recover.

Instead of running at the same exact pace for your whole run, try intervals to rev up metabolism and reduce belly fat. Alternate between pushing your body to the max and some recovery time. Check out these great interval workouts for you to try.

2) Try shorter runs

By doing a short high intensity run you can improve your running pace. Its another way to vary your running speed.

It is not just your muscles that adjust to running. Your nervous system adjusts and becomes efficient at running one speed.

By running faster for a shorter period, you will use more energy from your anaerobic energy system and burn more calories.

You will also reprogram your nervous system to run at higher intensities, which in the long run will lead to you being able to burn more calories.

3) Try running for longer

The long runs are really important, particularly if you are a beginner. Not only do these long runs build your endurance base.

They also allow you to burn a lot of calories over a long period of time. The name of the game for weight loss is to burn calories.

Doing abdominal training will help, but they won’t be enough on their own.

4) What type of foods are you eating?

As I said earlier you have to eat right.  One of the best things you can do is reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet.

If you are not sure what processed foods are they are any type of food that has been altered.

Foods to avoid

  • White rice. To make white rice the grain has to be altered. As a result white rice is not as pure as brown rice and is listed as a high glycaemic food (a food that will spike your insulin). Try to eat brown rice instead of white.
  • Ready meals contain lots of salt, sugar and preservatives. The extra salt can lead to your blood pressure increasing and can aid weight gain.
  • Fizzy drinks are awful because of the amount of extra sugar in them. They give you empty calories. Any sugar that is not used for energy by the body is converted to fat and stored in your body. Stick to water if you want to hydrate yourself.
  • Isotonic drinks also contain a lot of sugar. If you are trying to lose weight its best to hydrate on just water. It is true that your body loses salt as you exercise and that isotonic drinks will help replace those salts. However, the calories that you have burned on your run will probably be put straight back into your body.
  • Anything sweet like doughnuts, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, muffins should be avoided for the reasons mentioned above. Everyone knows that these foods are bad for you so I won’t go into further detail.
  • Alcohol needs to be reduced as it is high in calories and offers know nutritional benefits.

5) Get more sleep

Sleeping is so underrated but so important.

Studies have shown that people who get 8 hours of sleep a day and reduce there stress levels are more likely to lose weight than.

This study was linked to sleep and stress. If you are someone who has stress in your life sleeping more will help.

Sleep affects decision making

Also, when you have a lack of sleep your decision making can be affected. As a result of lack of sleep your brains reward centres can be heightened.

This can lead to you wanting to indulge on something rich in calories in order to satisfy the signals received from your brains reward centres.

It acts in a similar way to being drunk in the sense that your inhibitions have been lowered.

Sleep more, eat less and increase your muscle

A study from the American journal of clinical nutrition showed that people who have less sleep show an increase in late night snacking.

Lastly, another study showed that more muscle mass is lost on sleep deprived people compared to the participants who had sufficient sleep.

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