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Running strength coach London Gerald Smith's strength program brings proven results

Running injuries may require weeks or months off from your running routine or physical therapy. It’s essential to correct these often-chronic  problems. Be proactive in protecting your body with London running Coach Gerald Smith.

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Whether Professional Athletes or beginner, you will get Scientifically-Advanced Rehabilitation Services For Your Injury That Will Get You Back to Optimum Health and Boost Performance

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Recovering from an injury is a slow and stressful process. I have the expertise to help expedite the healing process, and can provide physical and mental support tailored to your wellness needs. My services go a step beyond performance-ready, I help ensure you don’t re-injure yourself.

My specialized qualifications in Core and Back Conditioning from the world-renowned C.H.E.K. Institute, combined with years of personal training experience provide guidance to strengthen core muscles to protect your back, your major muscle groups, and even internal organs. As an injury prevention coach I provide you with industry-leading knowledge and coaching using the same system that help top athletes throughout the world succeed.

My services include:

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Injuries will be a thing of the past!

Running injuries occur in many ways. Professional athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts can experience injury from repetitive strain or develop injuries over time. Anyone who is engaged in regular exercise is susceptible to injury from bad posture, lack of core support, or constricted movement in essential running muscles. When you’re training hard with bad technique, the repetitive physical stress takes a serious toll on your body.

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How Strength And Core Training Can Help You

There are essential protection strategies when working out each muscle of the body. 

I work to help beginner and intermediate athletes learn and practice the best and safest strength training postures. 

By focusing on injury prevention, and teaching you these strategies, we can ensure that your progress is actualized. 

Together we can seriously reduce the risk of personal injury.

My goal as your trainer is to prevent injury while increasing performance. 

Training with me begins with a bio-mechanical assessment and video analysis of your moving patterns. 

We target specific areas of your body to guarantee results and maximize training. 

You will learn the safest lifting techniques, strengthen key muscle groups for your sport, and cultivate precision in once problematic muscles .

If you are looking to one up your ability, or to push towards your training ambitions, contact running strength coach London Gerald Smith for a consultation today by filling out the form below!