Reduce Injury Risk And Run Faster In Just 6 Weeks with Running Coach London Gerald Smith!

Learn how incorrect running form for YOUR body can cause recurring injuries!

  • I will come to you or come to my gym in Moorgate
  • Run pain free with a technique that improves speed
  • Identify the faults in your running leading to same injuries
  • Learn key exercises to prevent injuries from coming back
  • Get your running form assessed and test for muscle imbalances.

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Are you fed up of suffering with the following problems?

  • Seeing no progress in improveing your running times
  • Repeatedly having to stop running due to the same injury
  • Worried to increase your weekly milage incase you get injured
  • Feeling aches and pains after your runs
  • Wondering if you will ever beat your personal best

London running coaching with Gerald Smith can help you make YOUR injuries a thing of the past!

  • Recieve a movement screen to detect weak muscles
  • Strengthening of key running muscles and imporvement in core strength
  • A bio-mechanical assessment of your form to identify faulty technique that may be causing injury
  • Postural analysis and testing of your core strength
  • Running technique and strength training packages to help you run faster and reduce injury risk

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You will experience MAJOR changes to your running style in just 6 weeks – guaranteed!

I first started working with Gerald because I was impressed with his passion and knowledge of training. My 5K times have gone down and I feel more stronger.
Lee Williams
Lee WilliamsTriathlete and CEO
“I really enjoyed my training sessions with Gerald. I found structure and workouts very well tailored for what I wanted to achieve. He monitored success closely and adapted the plan accordingly. I was very impressed with the video-running analysis which clearly showed my body’s weak points. We achieved great results and I got many good tips for overall improved fitness”
Tanya Davies
Tanya DaviesRunner
“As a registered osteopath & runner I have a interest in running biomechanics and I wanted to find out how Gerald could help me with my running. I was very impressed with his knowledge and choice of exercises”
Nick Cowan
Nick CowanOsteopath

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Can London running technique coach Gerald Smith help prevent running injuries?

running technique coach London


My goal as your trainer is to prevent injury while increasing performance. Training with me begins with a bio-mechanical assessment and video analysis of your moving patterns.

We target specific areas of your body to guarantee results and maximize training. You will learn the safest lifting techniques, strengthen key muscle groups for your sport, and cultivate precision in once problematic muscles .

Gerald’s knowledge of all sports, including boxing, rowing, swimming, and cycling, offers a multi-physical approach to traditional training. With this cross-expertise in a wide range of challenging activities, he creates engaging training sessions.

Through all of your sessions, Gerald brings patient and supportive guidance to help you grow through each one on one sessions.

National publications, and several fitness magazines including Cycling Fitness, Triathlon +, H2open and Men’s Running have endorsed Gerald’s program. Most importantly, his clients have seen results.

To be the best you can be, train with the best London running coach!

Slimmer Fitter Stronger will come to you, whether it’s at your home, gym or your favorite workout area.

And in addition to providing one-on-one training assistance, I will provide you with additional advice on method, diet and other issues that matter to you as an athlete!

I am an expert in the field, with many years of experience working with athletes and writing for some of the most well-respected athletic and exercise publications.

Slimmer Fitter Stronger: Where runners are made.

As a certified and highly qualified personal trainer, I specialize in working with runners and triathletes.

I understand the dedication, hard work and mental focus needed to achieve these goals because I myself am a aspiring triathlete, striving like you to be the best I can be physically.

I am an ASA level 2 swimming teacher with 10+ years’ experience working with swimmers from beginners to advanced levels.

I have a degree in Exercise, nutrition and health and I am a strength training specialist who specializes in running.


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London Running Coaching With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Risk free results in just 6 weeks or your money back guaranteed

I combine experience with knowledge to give you a highly professional and successful training regimen. With a background in Sports Science and Sports Performance I have developed the necessary insight and an understanding of anatomy particular to running improvement.

I have a proven track record of working with triathletes, runners and professional athletes and I’m  internationally recognized as a featured Fitness and performance writer in Cycling Fitness, Triathlon +, H2open and Men’s Running.

As your running technique instructor I guarantee that with some hard work on your part, and some hard science on mine; you can achieve the results you desire. Become a slimmer, fitter and stronger you, today!

6 week running technique coaching

Strength training for runners

Learn about Geralds one-on-one coaching technique correction and speed enhancing programs.

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Learn about Geralds one-on-one coaching, technique correction and speed enhancing programs

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