(1) Email/telephone consultation.
(2) Personalized nutritional plan and personal training.
(3) Analyse nutrition, mental/emotional stresses, environmental stresses, and hormones.
(4) Provide resources to help you succeed.
(5) Educate you on preventative techniques to reduce/improve stress and illness.
(6) Review your progress.
(8) 10 personal training sessions.
(9) £65 per session.

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Out of all my personal training packages this is my best. When you purchase my gold package, I will analyse your emotional and mental stresses, as well as giving you a general overview of your nutrition and your hormones.

I will also configure your goals for you, and I have a high level of training when it comes to meal planning as well so you can trust in me to fuel your fitness regime.

I have written for men’s health magazines in the past and I have some of the highest qualifications in the industry so you can trust in me to deliver results.

With my personal meal planner, I will give you the resources you need to succeed, and I will also give you preventative techniques that will help you to improve your stress control. After this, I will review your progress and I will also give you pointers on how you can do better.