Personal Training Prices


The first step is to book a trial session at a discounted rate. Packages are between 10 – 30 sessions and quite simply the more session you buy the less you pay.

You can also purchase dual sessions, which is a great way to increase the enjoyment of your sessions. In a dual session you will have yourself a friend and myself in one session. You will split the cost between you. Make sure that you and your friend are at the same fitness level for best results.


My Pricing:


Personal Training Packages Total PT sessions Session Rate Nutrition Total
Gold 30 £55 Included £1,650
Silver 20 £60 Included £1,200
Bronze 10 £65 Included £650
30 Minute Express Sessions 10 £40 Not included £400
Dual PT (2 people) 10 £80 Not included £800
Group sessions (per person) £10 £25 Not included £250


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