Places to eat in Wimbledon – My top 3

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wimbledons best places to eat

Top 3 places to eat in Wimbledon

My top 3 places to eat in wimbledon – Wimbledon is the oldest district in the heart of London, located almost 7 miles southwest of the center of London at Charing Cross. Even though it is nothing more than a suburb, it has been renowned worldwide for hosting the world’s oldest tennis tournament in the world. Naturally, the same stadium is also regarded as the most prestigious location for tennis professionals.

We have compiled a list of the top 3 places that you will love to snack in Wimbledon if you are there for sight-seeing:

Here are my Top 3 places to eat in Wimbledon

best-places-to eat-in-wimbledon

1) La Nonna is one of the best places to eat in Wimbledon:

La Nonna is not just a restaurant in Wimbledon. It has been recognized all over the world for offering an authentic pizza, pasta, meat, fish, seafood, and vegetarian diet.


La Nona restaurant in Wimbledon is located at an exact location of 213-217 The Broadway, London SW19 1NL, United Kingdom. You can visit the location between 12 to 10 PM every day. Though they do have the option of takeaway, we recommend eating at the site.

Why choose La Nonna?

La Nonna has some of the best customer services that can be seen in any restaurant in London. Though London is rarely known for its friendly attitude, La Nonna makes you feel like you are eating at a decent place with ambiance.

  • The food is good, you are allowed to choose between a wide diversity of salads, and there are quite a few wine options.
  • Their pasta and pizza are especially well-loved between customers, and with an affordable price tag for such a premium location, you can have fun with your friends and family without breaking the bank.

Fun Facts

  • La Nonna means “The Grandmother” in Italian. Think of a family-friendly restaurant with food being cooked by your grandmother – that’s the gist of this restaurant.
  • The restaurant has authentic Trattoria atmosphere, which makes it unparalleled to any other restaurant in the area.
  • Their signature La Nonna Pizza, Crab meat Linguine and Tiramisu are amazing dishes that you would definitely not want to waste not testing out. You should give all of them a try at least once in your life.

best places for eating out in wimbledon

Mai Thai Wimbledon is a perfect place to eat:

Mai Thai – not to be confused with the drink ‘Mai Tai” – is a Thai restaurant serving food for over 35 years in Wimbledon. If you like Thai food, Mai Thai serves a wide variety of Thai foods.

Mai Thai offers really good Thai food and has a lot of branches in the country. If you have tested out Mai Thai in any other location, you will definitely want to try this location out too.

What is its location?

Mai Thai is located on 75 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1QE, United Kingdom. They have the perfect indoors for romantic dates or even family moments. If you don’t have the time, you can also vouch for no-contact delivery near Wimbledon. Similarly, Mai Thai also offers takeaway.

Why choose Mai Thai?

Mai Thai has been recognized as a quality brand in Wimbledon, with the locals always recommending this Thai place to all tourists if they want to eat something exotic. You may or may not need to get reservations to dine at Mai Thai, depending on the time of the day or the event going on.

Fun Facts about Mai Thai:

  • Mai Thai has been rewarded some of the best catering awards in the location. Their unparalleled catering services combined with the hot spicy food makes Mai Thai a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Mai Thai uses food that comes all the way from Wagner Farms, which uses sustainable, all-natural ingredients. This is why you can feel the fresh taste of the food from Wimbledon’s top restaurant.
  • Mai Thai’s rice comes all the way from Thailand, and every chef knows that rice only cooks better as it gets older. Similarly, they produce their own sushi rice in California – that is then shipped to locations all across the globe.

Franco Manca is also highly recommended as a place to eat out in Wimbledon:

Franco Manca is a brand that has been known for its slow, fast food. It is renowned as a sourdough Neapolitan pizza business with over 50 branches in the UK and Italy. Their branch in Wimbledon is primarily a place to dine at.

Lets consider some other amazing facts about France Manca.

Fun Facts:

  • It was founded in 2008 and has been in use ever since then. It all opened as a small business somewhere in the country but has ever since expanded to over 50 branches – which is kind of a big feat all in itself considering that the restaurant has been around for only 12 years or so.
  • Franco Manca literally means “Franco is missing” – which is basically a restaurant that is meant to honor Franco, the predecessor of Franco Manca.

How to find it?

Located on Road 20 on The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1RE, United Kingdom, you can find Franco right on the main road, as a small-time name. Though it looks bland from the outside, Franco Manca is an affordable place for everyone.

Why choose Franco Manca?

Franco Manca is for anyone who is looking to dine quality food at an affordable price point. Their special pizza and gluten-free diet such as Garlic Bread with Mozzarella is amazing. We tried their local pizzas and as compared to the other restaurants in the area, the food was incomparable.

They could easily sell these pizzas for three times the price, but they don’t. Their indoor spacing is really good too. A few friends with us were able to get a really nice experience out of it.

Almost nothing they offer costs more than £10 an order, so you can rest easy gobbling up good food cheap. You will surely enjoy your time here by staying in your budget.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that these three places to eat in Wimbledon have helped you. If you have any further queries, don’t forget to hit us up.

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