What Is A Personal Trainer

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What is a personal trainer?

What is a personal trainer? When we talk about a personal trainer, we refer to a fitness professional, who has qualifications in the art of physical activity, who prescribes exercises, motivates and sets goals individually, taking into account the physical conditions and the objectives of each of their clients.
The success of personal training is due, in the first place, to the benefits and satisfaction obtained by personalized attention to each client.

Goal of personal training

What is a personal trainer? To understand this lets look at what their goal is. The goal of a personal trainer is to give guidance and support to a potential trainee to help them achieve their fitness goals.
A personal trainer is a mentor, coach and a friend and will use all necessary resources and technology to help his trainee.
You will have access to all the knowledge the trainer can offer, in order to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, and in the most efficient and safest way possible.
When you hire a trainer, he/she is expected to:

  • Design an exercise plan according to your goal.
  • Guide you through your training: This is not only to raise the daily routines, but verify, step by step, that the exercises are carried out in the right way. It is important to note that a poorly executed exercise could eventually lead to an injury.
  • Teach you about the exercise, your muscles and the general function of the training plan: Your trainer will educate and inform you of the science behind the routine, why you should perform certain exercises. The purpose of a personal trainer is not to train you for the rest of your life, keeping you in ignorance, but to empower you and teach you about health and fitness
  • Motivate you: Motivation is an essential part of any physical change. A coach should not only be a fitness professional but also an accomplished motivator. He/She has to have the ability to empower you to achieve your goals and to avoid temptation and laziness.
  • Inspire you: Physical transformations involve forming new habits. Habits that are for life if you want to keep your body in optimal condition for years to come. That is why the work of a professional coach does not end when you drop the dumbbells, no. Your trainer has walked the path and therefore knows the temptations and emotional adversities that entails the goal you are after. For that reason, he/she will always be there to inspire you.

Who should get a personal trainer?

Having a personal trainer is highly recommended for those users who have don’t like to exercise or need extra guidance to guarantee result.
Personal trainers are also recommendable to those who want to go a step further in their level of fitness , performance, or for those who have an injury.

What is a personal trainer and what are a clients expectation?

Currently there are several types of clients that want a variety of things from personal trainers, and their main goals are; improvement of physical condition, weight loss (a majority), increase in physical performance (increase of strength, resistance or speed etc.).
Other clients want specialized coaches in some sports like Golf, football, triathlon, etc.

What does personal training consist of?

A personal trainer will sit down with you to understand the goals you want to achieve. These can be weight loss, muscle definition and toning, maintenance, and so on. The training plan will vary depending on your goal.
Fitness assessment
The second thing a personal trainer will do is assess you to see if you are at risk of a potential injury due to lack of flexibility or muscle weakness.
The trainer will also test your fitness levels to ensure that the programs they devise on your behalf are not too difficult.
This is important because although you may want to be pushed hard, you don’t want to be pushed so hard that you get injured. Your fitness levels need to be built up gradually.
Postural Assessment
A personal trainer will also assess your posture to see how they can improve you in this area. Bad posture can lead to injuries and could also be the cause of aches and pains that you may experience day to day. A personal trainer will try to take away some of this pain and reduce your risk of injury.


One of the main reasons for failure of people who join the gym is the lack of willpower to be consistent. This is a problem that mostly affects beginners. These are probably the people that need a personal trainer the most.
If you hire a personal trainer it ensures that you obtain the best possible results and helps prevents plateaus. In addition, a good personal trainer will strive to improve your technique


One of the main problems of a personal trainer is the price of getting one, as it is an additional service to the price paid for the gym. Another factor is that not all personal trainers have the same qualification. This can pose a danger to you as it may lead to you wasting money and time. For this reason, anyone who is interested in hiring a personal trainer should investigate his/her qualification, and above all, experience.
In conclusion, this service seeks maximum efficiency in the processes, maximum efficiency in the results and minimum risks in the respective goal. A personal trainer will work individually with you, guiding you during your exercise sessions.
If the physical advice is designed and followed properly, there will be noticeable improvements in your physical condition.

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