How Much Are London Personal Trainers | Personal Trainer London

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How Much Are London Personal Trainers | Personal Trainer London

It is possible that at some point, you have considered hiring a personal trainer to guide you in your training. If you have thought of this, surely it was because you have reached a point where training for yourself is not giving you the result you expect, or simply because you need a professional to show you how to train to achieve a particular goal. At this point, the next thing that comes to mind is, “what is the price of a personal trainer”, and like any personalised service, the prices that should be paid can vary depending on who is consulted.
In the free market economy there are no established prices when hiring a service. It is difficult to point out how much a personal trainer costs in London and in general,  since the price of the personal trainer depends on many factors.
To elaborate more, let’s look at an example of what is being charged for a discipline that is very fashionable now, crossfit . Many users and eager to be, complain that the prices to register in a gym are very high. However, crossfit is usually an activity that is done in small groups if we compare it to spinning or aerobics classes, you are practically paying for a semi-personal service, and that is why the coaches look to make their classes very profitable.
Factors that determine the price of a personal trainer include:

The training employed by the personal trainer

Many coaches have taken a personal trainer course , but others have degrees in Sports Science and, as is logical, they are better educated and can ask for a higher price for their services.

The fame of the personal trainer

Have you ever heard of the, “Celebrity trainer”?, It seems silly, but the high demand of a professional in particular can shoot the price up of a qualified personal trainer. At the beginning stage, prices will always be low in order to attract more clients, but as the trainer draws in more and more clients, he/she feels the need to demand higher prices.


The average cost of a coach varies depending on where you live. If you reside in a smaller city, the coach usually costs less than in large cities. The choice of working with a private coach versus a gym-based coach will not affect the average cost too much – but it affects what the coach earns. Coaches who work in gyms usually have only a percentage of their salary per hour, while private coaches retain everything. Private trainers usually provide their own equipment, however, they may be willing to go to your home to teach you how to work out on your own.

Individual or group trainings

Performing individual workouts are usually more expensive than when done in a group. In return, they allow the trainer to offer completely personalised attention to the client, which facilitates the achievement of objectives and combines training with coaching or nutrition programs. Group classes can be proposed by the coach or by the client, depending on the work that needs to be done.

Place of training

The cost of training varies depending on the place where the training is performed. If the coach must move, you can include an extra fee in the price. Training in open-air parks is more economical and usually has greater time flexibility than if the client requests that the training be in a closed place such as a gym.

Training bonus

The bonus usually includes some type of discount for the client. They also allow the coach to organise better and achieve better results by doing several training sessions per week.

Specialisation and experience of the coach

The trainer’s qualifications, his training, the possibility of working specifically to treat injuries, can influence the price per hour that the coach demands. There are also professionals who offer nutritional advice combined with workouts.

Online personal trainer

Do personal trainers work through the Internet? The answer is yes; they are gradually gaining ground in the UK and across the globe. In the end, it is like having a trainer next to you in the gym,  the only difference is that you will have to fill in a form or use a software for personal trainers online in order to achieve your goals .
These online personal trainers favour a lot of individuals in many ways, one of which is their affordability compared to traditional trainers. When the reputation of a standard personal trainer grows, he/she becomes more occupied, has more clients, thereby making it difficulties for new clients to have access to their sessions. And in cases were this happens, the prices are inflated.
With an online trainer, you can receive a month-long training plan for the same cost as double there hourly rate. (£100 – £250)
If the online coach is organised, has a database of exercises and structured plans, and also uses some kind of software, or web application to manage customers, the cost will go down considerably since he/she can train many more uses with less effort.
A few other advantages include:

  • Unlimited access to expert advice, as he/she is accessible at anytime, regardless of location.
  • Freedom to train from any location at any time
  • Continuous support, attention and communication

Disadvantages include:

  • A likely lackadaisical attitude in training, since your coach is not present with you
  • Inability to easily grasp certain techniques
  • Motivation can be dampened when your coach is not present
  • Inability of the coach to track his/her clients progress effectively

How Much Are London personal trainer’s?

Getting a personal trainer is something that is seen by several people as, “expensive”, something that only the rich, especially celebrities do. In London, this mentality still exists among many, and seeing that the price of personal trainers in the city ranges from £30 – £200 an hour, you really can’t blame them for thinking that way.
Regardless the price, getting a personal trainer is something that everyone should consider doing. However, those who charge below £60 are hardly ever qualified, as those who have gone through years of training and education in the art, are bound to provide high quality training, and quality training does not come at such a price.
A lot of trainers in London offer effective transformation packages, alongside nutrition consultation, that guarantees clients massive improvements in a variety of areas, including muscle building and toning, weight loss, injury recovery, among others
The benefits of getting a personal trainer are enormous, and in the hands of a licenced professional, you can achieve optimal health and total well-being.

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