Discover How This Personal Trainer For Weight Loss Has Helped Hundreds Of Women Get A Perfectly Shredded Body!

Laura Sawyer transformation Story after her training with Gerald Smith

If you can relate to these situations than this is your lucky day because as a personal trainer for weight loss I have the solution you are looking for – Results Guaranteed!

The problem is not with you or your body, but the program you are using to lose weight. You see, almost 95% of fitness plans out there, and the plans fitness trainers sell, have the same rules, diet plans, workout routines. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman or whatever you age it, to them, it has to be one size fits all.

In reality, it does not work that way. You are unique, so is your lifestyle, dietary needs, and your body. You need a diet plan that is custom built for you!

Let Me Ask You:


Do You Want To Lose Weight Fast, Easily And For Good So That It Does Not Come Back Ever!


The Personal Trainer For Weight Loss Female Weight Loss Plan!

A Simple Yet Hardcore Custom Built 3 Step Training Plan That Will Transform Your Body!

We have created this program specifically for ladies over 30 because we understand what your body needs to get in shape – Super Fast.

The Female Weight Loss Plan works in 3 stages:


1) Reset Habits

Over 75% of your weight loss success depends on your lifestyle and habits. The Female Weight Loss Plan begins by working on re-establishing your habits, replacing bad lifestyle routines with healthy ones. Habit reset helps in loss of soft fat mass, detoxification of wastes and harmful elements from the body and improvement in mental and physical health within days.

2) Fat Burning Healthy Meal Plan

I have developed healthy meal recipes, rich in healthy carbs, proteins, and minerals. Our fat burning healthy meal plans are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare. A meal for two usually takes 20-30 minutes to prepare with ingredients that you can get from the grocery store next door. The goal is to help you expedite weight loss by eating healthy letting that you feel energized and animated to live an active lifestyle.

3) Metabolic Accelerating Workout Program

I have developed workout routines that are easy to perform and burn even the most stubborn fat from various focus areas. You will be losing tough to get rid of fat from the belly area, thighs, hips, and arms while building muscle. Our goal is to help you look and feel great without spending hours every day at a gym.

My total body transformation program has proven to be one of the most successful programs ever! Everything is customized to what your body needs to look amazing, and you feel wonderful.

At Last, You Can Get Rid Of Your Overweight, Flabby Looking Body And Look Great!


You have nothing to lose except that ugly fat looking body no one cares for.

Let’s get started today. Get a custom the Female Fat Loss Plan built for you.