Mobile personal training for weight loss for professionals on the go.

By combining both the executive nutrition package and the Executive personal trainer package, you get my Executive Transformation Package.

The best and most comprehensive service I offer for the busy working executive. I will manage every aspect of your fitness and nutritional needs for 48 weeks of the year.

You are busy.  Time is precious.  There is no time to go to the gym, but you want the noticeable results and healthy feeling that only working out with a top personal trainer can provide.

So what does my Executive Weight Loss Transformation package include?

You get  3 personal training sessions a week where I will motivate you and provide varied training sessions to keep you progressing. You will also recieve two nutrititon sessions a month.

  • You will complete questionnaires designed to collect necessary health information.
  • I will perform a detailed assessment to discover the underlying factors that may degenerate the body.
  • During the initial assessment we will: discuss the questionnaires, prioritize your goals and define success.
  • Take a before picture
  • Reviewing the body as a system within systems. This means taking psychological stresses, physiological stresses, diet and hormones and how they can affect the body into account.


Using your diet history, I will develop a personalized diet plan that is both sustainable, realistic, and adaptable to changes your body will inevitably experience

  • Get a lean and athletic physique
  • Reduce your stomach fat
  • Increase Your Strength
  • Tone Your Muscles
  • Feel energetic

No more excuses!  You can have a personal trainer come right to your door!

Experience a fitness training methodology which has been featured in fitness and sports magazines such as BodyFit, Cycling Fitness, H2Open, Mens Fitness, Triathlon Plus, and Trail Running.

Complete Nutritionist Weight Loss Plan For Executives


My effective and thorough process for assisting executives with improving their health consists of

  • During our regular weekly/bi-weekly coaching sessions (approximately one hour) to:
  • Teach techniques and necessary resources, such as relevant articles, checklists or assessment tools, to help you meet your goals.
  • Teach prevention of stress and illness through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management
  • Take an after picture at the end of 12 weeks

HEET is a 40 minute work out equivalent to 10 rounds of boxing. You do 3 minute bouts of intense exercise with cutting edge fitness equipment for 10 rounds with one minute of recovery (10×3).

The exercise intensity of this type of work is far greater than running on a treadmill or doing a weight session at the gym because it combines both cardiovascular work and strength work.

As part of the gold package you will have three HEET training sessions that target your goals. The sessions will be far more beneficial than going to the gym because all the wasted time has been removed to deliver a high intensity workout right to your office! And I bring the fitness equipment to you.

An experienced mobile personal trainer who comes to you and understands your goals and potential

How do full time professionals and executives find the time to go to a gym or train after work?

Using a mobile personal trainer who comes to your office at a time that is convenient to you is perfect for anyone who is on the go constantly. I work to understand your goals and get to know your potential so that you see:

  • Improvements to your physique
  • An increase in your core strength
  • Tone and shape to your muscles
  • Improvements to your endurance and stamina
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy attitude to diet

Why not get in touch with me today to see how I can help you get to the top of your game as well.


The Executive Personal Trainer Plan

£1000 a month

  • One hour personal training sessions anywhere you choose 3 times per week
  • Injury prevention and physical fitness assessment
  • Full body assessment
  • 20 minute goal setting session
  • Medical screening
  • Convenient online payment and scheduling
  • £1000 a month for 12 months
  • Save 16% with an annual plan at £10000



The Executive Nutrition Plan

£500 a month

  • One hour consultation to set goals and assess your health
  • Detailed assessment of your stress, detoxification, hormone balance and sleep patterns
  • 30 minute follow up nutritional coaching sessions anywhere you choose twice a month
  • A written & fully personalized 4 day rotation diet plan
  • Convenient online payment and scheduling
  • £500 a month for 12 months
  • Save 16% with an annual plan at £5000



The Executive Body Transformation

£1500 a month

  • Three 40 minute personal training sessions a week anywhere you choose.
  • 30 minute nutritional coaching session anywhere you choose twice a month
  • Detailed assessment of your stress, detoxification, hormone balance and measurement of body fat and a Before picture
  • 30 minute follow up nutritional coaching session anywhere you choose twice a month
  • Follow up sessions will include:
    • weekly diet
    • supplement advice and lifestyle advice to help progress
    • remeasurement of body fat
  • Personalized diet and exercise plan to achieve your fitness goals
  • On your final follow up session we will take an after picture
  • £1500 a month for one year
  • Save 20% on an anual package at £12000


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