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Personal trainer cost

Personal trainer cost

Personal trainer cost

Personal trainer cost – You have reached a point where training for yourself is not giving you the result you expect, or simply because you need a professional to show you how to train to achieve a particular goal.

At this point, you start to think about personal trainer cost and like any personalised service, the prices that should be paid can vary depending on who is consulted.

In the free market economy there are no established prices when hiring a service.

How much does personal training cost?

It is difficult to point out how much a personal trainer London costs and in general,  since the price of the personal trainer depends on many factors.

To elaborate more, let’s look at an example of what is being charged for a discipline that is very fashionable now, crossfit . Many users and eager to be, complain that the prices to register in a gym are very high.

However, crossfit is usually an activity that is done in small groups if we compare it to spinning or aerobics classes, you are practically paying for a semi-personal service, and that is why the coaches look to make their classes very profitable.

personal trainer cost in the uk

Average personal trainer cost UK

UK National Minimum Cost£15
UK National Average Cost£30
London minimum cost£30
London Maximum£250
London Average£50

What is a personal trainer?

When we talk about a personal trainer, we refer to a fitness professional, who has qualifications in the art of physical activity, who prescribes exercises, motivates and sets goals individually, taking into account the physical conditions and the objectives of each of their clients.

The cost of personal training is due, in the first place, to the benefits and satisfaction obtained by personalized attention to each client.

Goal of personal training

To understand this lets look at what their goal is. The goal of a personal trainer is to give guidance and support to a potential trainee to help them achieve their fitness goals.

A personal trainer is a mentor, coach and a friend and will use all necessary resources and technology to help his trainee.

You will have access to all the knowledge the trainer can offer, in order to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, and in the most efficient and safest way possible.

When you hire a trainer, he/she is expected to:

  • Design an exercise plan according to your goal.
  • Guide you through your training: This is not only to raise the daily routines, but verify, step by step, that the exercises are carried out in the right way. It is important to note that a poorly executed exercise could eventually lead to an injury.
  • Teach you about the exercise, your muscles and the general function of the training plan:
  • Your trainer will educate and inform you of the science behind the routine, why you should perform certain exercises. The purpose of a personal trainer is not to train you for the rest of your life, keeping you in ignorance, but to empower you and teach you about health and fitness
  • Motivate you: Motivation is an essential part of any physical change. A coach should not only be a fitness professional but also an accomplished motivator. He/She has to have the ability to empower you to achieve your goals and to avoid temptation and laziness.
  • Inspire you: Physical transformations involve forming new habits. Habits that are for life if you want to keep your body in optimal condition for years to come. That is why the work of a professional coach does not end when you drop the dumbbells, no. Your trainer has walked the path and therefore knows the temptations and emotional adversities that entails the goal you are after. For that reason, he/she will always be there to inspire you.

hire a personal trainer

Who should get a personal trainer?

Having a personal trainer is highly recommended for those users who have don’t like to exercise or need extra guidance to guarantee result.

Personal trainers are also recommendable to those who want to go a step further in their level of fitness , performance, or for those who have an injury.

What is a personal trainer and what are a clients expectation?

Currently there are several types of clients that want a variety of things from personal trainers, and their main goals are; improvement of physical condition, weight loss (a majority), increase in physical performance (increase of strength, resistance or speed etc.).

Other clients want specialized coaches in some sports like Golf, football, triathlon, running, etc.

What does personal training consist of?

A personal trainer will sit down with you to understand the goals you want to achieve. These can be weight loss, muscle definition and toning, maintenance, and so on. The training plan will vary depending on your goal.

Fitness assessment
The second thing a personal trainer will do is assess you to see if you are at risk of a potential injury due to lack of flexibility or muscle weakness.

The trainer will also test your fitness levels to ensure that the programs they devise on your behalf are not too difficult.
This is important because although you may want to be pushed hard, you don’t want to be pushed so hard that you get injured. Your fitness levels need to be built up gradually.

Postural Assessment
A personal trainer will also assess your posture to see how they can improve you in this area. Bad posture can lead to injuries and could also be the cause of aches and pains that you may experience day to day. A personal trainer will try to take away some of this pain and reduce your risk of injury.


One of the main reasons for failure of people who join the gym is the lack of willpower to be consistent. This is a problem that mostly affects beginners. These are probably the people that need a personal trainer the most.

If you hire a personal trainer it ensures that you obtain the best possible results and helps prevents plateaus. In addition, a good personal trainer will strive to improve your technique

pros and cons


One of the main problems of a personal trainer London is the price of getting one, as it is an additional service to the price paid for the gym. Another factor is that not all personal trainers have the same qualification.

This can pose a danger to you as it may lead to you wasting money and time. For this reason, anyone who is interested in hiring a personal trainer should investigate his/her qualification, and above all, experience.

Factors that determine personal trainer cost UK include:


The training employed by the personal trainer

Many coaches have taken a personal trainer course , but others have degrees in Sports Science and, as is logical, they are better educated and can ask for a higher price for their services.


The fame of the personal trainer

Have you ever heard of the, “Celebrity trainer”?, It seems silly, but the high demand of a professional in particular can shoot the price up of a qualified personal trainer.

At the beginning stage, prices will always be low in order to attract more clients, but as the trainer draws in more and more clients, he/she feels the need to demand higher prices.


The average cost of a coach varies depending on where you live. If you reside in a smaller city, the coach usually costs less than in large cities.

The choice of working with a private coach versus a gym-based coach will not affect the average cost too much – but it affects what the coach earns.

Coaches who work in gyms usually have only a percentage of their salary per hour, while private coaches retain everything.

Private trainers usually provide their own equipment, however, they may be willing to go to your home to teach you how to work out on your own.

Individual or group trainings

Performing individual workouts are usually more expensive than when done in a group.

In return, they allow the trainer to offer completely personalised attention to the client, which facilitates the achievement of objectives and combines training with coaching or nutrition programs.

Group classes can be proposed by the coach or by the client, depending on the work that needs to be done.


Place of training

The cost of training varies depending on the place where the training is performed. If the coach must move, you can include an extra fee in the price.

Training in open-air parks is more economical and usually has greater time flexibility than if the client requests that the training be in a closed place such as a gym.

Training bonus

The bonus usually includes some type of discount for the client. They also allow the coach to organise better and achieve better results by doing several training sessions per week.

Specialisation and experience of the coach

The trainer’s qualifications, his training, the possibility of working specifically to treat injuries, can influence the price per hour that the coach demands. There are also professionals who offer nutritional advice combined with workouts.


Personal trainer cost per hour UK London

The price of personal trainers in the city ranges from £30 – £200 an hour.

Regardless of the price, getting a personal trainer London is something that everyone should consider doing.

However, those who charge below £60 are hardly ever qualified, as those who have gone through years of training and education in the art, are bound to provide high quality training, and quality training does not come at such a price.

A lot of trainers in London offer effective transformation packages, alongside nutrition consultation, that guarantees clients massive improvements in a variety of areas, including muscle building and toning, weight loss, injury recovery, among others.

The benefits of getting a personal trainer London are enormous, and in the hands of a licenced professional, you can achieve optimal health and total well-being.

Is a cheap personal trainer worth it

Is a cheap personal trainer worth it?

I understand that you may want an affordable personal trainer in London. A Cheap personal trainer may be all you can afford, but is it worth it?

When trying to find an afforable personal trainer in London people often opt for a cheap personal trainer as they
may see it as an “economic” option, but is that really the best choice for you?

This write up serves to enlighten people who need a personal trainer on what some of the best options are on a limited budget.

It will also help to explain some of the pros and cons you face when your budget is limited.

The benefits of a personal trainer

A personal trainer should be the go to person when you need some extra motivation when you are trying to achieve your fitness goal.

Personal trainers can specialize in a wide a variety of disciplines. For example, some may specialize in marathon preparation, rehabilitation, weight loss, sports performance or even nutrition.

It can be difficult trying to get the right trainer for you based on your goals, and your personality so you have to do your research to find the right one.

If you are on a limited budget it becomes extremely difficult to find the right personal trainer for you, as a cheap personal trainer may not be a good personal trainer.

I’m not saying its impossible to find a good and cheap personal trainer…….
But it is very difficult. There a few choices for you.


One to one training with a cheap personal trainer

If you are looking for a cheap personal trainer to work with one to one in a physical location like your house, park or gym try this:

  • Do a google search for cheap personal trainer or personal trainer near me and
  • Send Emails to 10-12 different personal trainers asking for quotes.
  • You can then choose a cheap personal trainer from the 3 that come in at the cheapest price
  • You may also be able to haggle on price with them to get the cheapest price.

Reasons why a cheap personal trainer might not be worth it

Your health is at stake
If you need a car for your business or your personal life do you buy the cheapest car that money can buy?

The answer is probably no……

There is normally a reason why a car is going cheap.

However, there are always exception to the rule. For instance, there may be a situation when someone is leaving the country and they just want a quick sale of their great car.

When this happens, you get a bargain.

When choosing a cheap personal trainer, you may also get a bargain. However, often when you buy something for cheap it is because it is of low quality.

In the example of the cheap car it may break down after two weeks. Something similar may happen to you if you choose a chap personal trainer. For example:

  • He may end up injuring you.
  • He may not be able to get you the results you want
  • He may run off with your money

These are great risks to take with your health, so if you can you should pay the extra money and avoid a cheap personal trainer.


Other disadvantages of a cheap personal trainer.

  • They may not be a certified personal trainer
  • They may not have the best qualifications in the industry
  • They may be unreliable
  • They may steal your money and not deliver the sessions.

Why should you avoid a cheap personal trainer?

A cheap personal trainer will charge less for there service but they wont be able to afford to reinvest their money back into their business to pay for the best courses.

As a result a cheap personal trainer may be using training methods that are outdated.

Only a top personal trainer will have the best qualifications. A cheap personal trainer will probably have average qualifications.

What will a good personal trainer do for you?

Sometimes you don’t attach the correct value between what a cheap personal trainer offers and charges compared to everyone else. This maybe because you don’t know what a good personal trainer does.
Apart from the one to one personal training sessions a good personal trainer will:

  • Prepare each session
  • Plan objectives
  • Measure and analyse progress
  • Prepare your complementary work routine
  • Analyse your diet
  • Find out how you are executing your training
  • Answer your questions

Always remember that his/her price is not only for the time they spend with you. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that you won’t see.


Risk of injury

We spoke about the risk of injury earlier. I want to elaborate a bit more on this point. We all know that physical exercise is good for you.

However, there may be some contraindications (health problems) for you that will affect how you should exercise.
if these contraindications are not managed properly it can cause injuries. A cheap personal trainer may increase your risk of injury through malpractice.

Some examples malpractices can be:

  • Performing excessively demanding sessions without preparing you
  • Making you perform exercises for which you are not technically or physically prepared
  • Experiencing back pain or joint pain on a regular basis when you train
  • Training without any form of order (Irregularly) without clear objectives
  • Training without him/her inquiring about your health status or not performing any initial test to know if you are in the best condition to train.

If you hire a cheap personal trainer and they do any of the above things, consider quitting training with him for the benefit of your health.

Expense vs Investment

Finally, remember that this is an investment in your health. When you choose a good personal trainer over a chap personal trainer you can expect the following:

  • Improvement in the quality of your quality of life
  • Improved confidence in your appearance
  • Improved health
  • Better energy
  • Less aches and pains

If you think the cost of hiring a personal trainer is too great, consider some of the semi private options that can help you lower the price, such as:

  • Dual personal training (you and a friend)
  • Group personal training with a few friends to share the cost
  • Online personal training

online personal trainer

Is Online Personal Training cost Worth it?

Online personal training can mean anything from adhering to a customised program using programs and digitised spreadsheets.

It may even involve you sending videotaped workouts to a coach for feedback on your form, intensity and weight selection.

But is it worth the price in the long run?

If you hire a personal trainer at your gym and you have an appointment at the gym, it makes you go.
Your trainer will push you in the sessions to do things with your body that you didn’t think was possible.

It is better to have a personal trainer than to go it alone, but what is the main difference between an online trainer and one in a gym


Employing an online trainer is less expensive than seeing one in your local fitness club for a few reasons:

  • You don’t need to pay for a gym membership
  • You don’t have to buy expensive equipment for the house if you don’t want to
  • The cost for one month of training can be less then half what you would pay for a personal trainer in the gym.

There are some things to consider when you hire an online personal trainer.


  • You may want to consider building a home gym, and there is a cost attached to this.
  • Where will you train? In your home, at the gym or in your park?

Online personal training cost

I currently work with clients both online and in the gym. I charge £65 ($91.57) per one-hour session, but the cost one month’s online personal training is £120 ($170).

The difference in price is because I don’t have to:

  • Pay a percentage to the gym
  • Travel to client’s houses
  • Buy equipment for sessions

Benefits of online personal training for you

  • What do you get for your monthly fee:
  • Weekly consultations
  • Continuous Email Support
  • Telephone support
  • Weekly fitness programs Emailed to you

Another advantage of online personal training

Another advantage is that you get to choose the one personal trainer whose philosophy gels the best with your beliefs, values, goals and personality.

In a gym, you can access the best trainer in that gym. With online personal training, you can find the best personal trainer in the world for you.

It doesn’t matter where this trainer is on the planet, whether they are in Germany, Canada, South Africa or Papua New Guinea.

You can have access to your trainer all the time.

Disadvantages of online personal training

There is a lack of focus and attention to detail that you can only get from face to face sessions.

However, you can upload a video of yourself doing a complicated exercise like a squat.
However, it is not the same as seeing it in real time and correcting there and then on the spot.

Furthermore, there are some things that you may struggle to learn and sometimes to have someone there watching and correcting you can speed up that process.

You will be monitored on a weekly basis with online personal training. However, it is nice to ask a question there and then and get an immediate response.

Is online personal training right for me if I lack self-motivation?

The short answer is no. There are just some people that online personal training is not suited.

If you are very determined once you set your mind to a goal, but you need someone to give you a plan and structure, then online personal training, is right for you.

Also, if you have had a lot of injuries in the past or you lack awareness of how your body moves you are going to have problems with your form for some exercises.

Bad form can lead to injuries, and injuries can slow down progress.

It may be best for you to seek a personal trainer in the gym or to train with a friend who knows what they are doing in the gym.

How do you find a good personal trainer?

You will need to study and compile your short list of candidates based on two things:

  1. Qualifications
  2. References


If you go to a gym, you can guarantee your trainer has insurance, is suitably qualified and is insured to train you.

You can’t guarantee that this is the same for online personal trainers. They may not have a degree or even a level 3 personal trainer NVQ (National Vocation Qualification), which is a work based practical qualification that we have here in the UK.

If you are from USA or Canada, then all personal trainers must have a degree. So, do not be afraid to ask your trainer for their qualifications.


Feel free to ask for phone numbers or Email addresses of people who your trainer has worked with to find out what their experience was like working with your trainer.

Go to the site and look and testimonies, ask your trainer how his current clients are doing.
Your trainer should be willing to answer any questions you have either by Email or phone until you are ready to commit.

Laptop (1)

Still not convinced?

Overall there are more advantages to working with an online personal trainer than face to face. I have stated the main reasons when you shouldn’t work with an online personal trainer.

I have also stated what you should look for if you want the best online personal trainer.
However, if you are still not convinced that an online personal trainer is worth it here are three more reasons to work with an online personal trainer.

  1. Carry your exercise program with you easily

Predicted to be worth over 240m in the next couple of years the fitness app boom has changed telephones to portable fitness program cards and so much more.

  1. You can now be held accountable

You get as much communicating with your coach as you require, which gives you the accountability you need.

  1. 24/7 support

It’s a Thursday night and you are with friends who’d prefer to go down to the pub than to the gym. Your online trainer or fitness app is about 24 hours per day and will act as a pocket-sized nemesis to the voice in your mind that wants to go for a drink.



How to Find a personal trainer?

There are many ways to find a personal trainer. There are key search terms that you can use to find a personal trainer in Google.

There are also dedicated personal trainer directories that list personal trainers. Lastly there are review sites that show you how a personal trainers services have been rated.

We will look at all 3 sources and show you how to get the most out of each one.

Find a personal trainer using review sites

There are a few major review sites that list personal trainers.

There are many more review sites that you can use, but these ones are probably the biggest and best.

For instance, have over 970 London personal trainers listed on their site, and many of them have reviews of the services.

970 personal trainers may be a bit too much too sort through so you can break it down further by specifying an area of London.

For instance, you can search for personal trainers in Kensington only, or Mayfiar.

Review sites are probably the best way to search for trainers as solid reviews give you a greater peace of mind.

It is important too know that some of these directories charge a price and the personal trainers that decide to pay for a premium listing will get more exposure.

This type of bias may not be ideal when looking for the best personal trainer.


Fitness directories

The best fitness directory is probably the national register of personal trainers (NRPT) They have over 150 personal trainers listed.

There search function allows you to search by post code, by sex, by price range, type of location they train at (gym, home, outdoors), you can even search by a trainers name if you alreadu know one.

It is important to know that not all fitness directories are free, so not every personal trainer will have signed up for a directory.

As a result you may not be getting a full selection of all the personal trainers available.

Other personal training directories
Toplocal trainer

Joining a gym

Joining a gym is a great way to find a personal trainer. All personal trainers have to be qualified and have their own insurance.

If you stumble on a personal trainers website it is easy for them to write some fake testimonials and to pretend that they have the right qualifications to train you.

If you join a gym there will be a variety of different personal trainers with different skills, different personalities and different philosophies.

Depending on whether they are employed by the gym or self employed will also make a difference as to how much they can charge.

If they are employed they will get a fix percentage of the money that you pay for your session. The gym will also have one fixed price.

If they are self employed they will pay the gym a fixed amount of money each month and charge what they want.


Performing a Google search

Performing a google search is probably the best way to find a personal trainer as Google has no bias to there trainers.

Google make it clear as to which personal trainers are paying for ads and which personal trainers are ranked naturaly by Google.

Once upon a time it was easy for personal trainers to manipulate search and rank high. However, those days are gone. The only personal trainers ranking in the top twenty are repuatable personal trainers.

How do you know which is the best personal trainer?

Once you have decided what platform you want to use and you have narrowed it down to a few, you now have to think about what type of personal training you want.

Do you want a personal trainer to help you with weight loss, sports specific training, an injury, boxing training?

Are you a special population?

There are personal trainers that specialise in pre and post natal fitness, personal training for teenagers and even personal training for the over 50’s.

What style of trainer do you want?

Do you want a personal trainer that is going to push you till you bleed, do you want a personal trainer who is going to be more caring like a mentor?

Do you want a young trainer who is under 25 or would you prefer a trainer who is over 35 and has more life experience?

Where do you want to train?

Some trainers that are based in gyms may also train you outside of the gym. Some personal trainers provide personal training online. You need to decide this before narrowing down your search.

Here are some tips before you make some payment:

  • See if your trainer offers a FREE session or a trial session that is heavily discounted from there normal price.
  • Ask them for references of previous clients.
  • Check that they have insurance
  • Ask them for proof of qualifications


How personal trainer qualifications affect cost

So, what are the personal trainer qualifications, should an ideal personal trainer possess in the UK? Let us check that in detail.

While selecting a fitness trainer in the UK, ensure he or she has a Level 3 diploma in Gym instruction and personal training qualifications.

Likewise, if he or she has a level 2 certificate in fitness instructing and gym-based qualification too, he is eligible.

Many might also possess an additional advanced diploma with years of experience that you might consider.

Awarding bodies of personal trainer qualifications

Bodies like Central YMCA, City guilds, and Active IQ organize the various courses, and they have a lot of value.

If the trainer has personal trainer qualifications in taught or vocational programs, you can consider hiring them.


Other Points to Consider While Choosing Trainer

  • Look for Memberships: Many fitness trainers might have memberships at the Register of Exercise Professionals or REPs from National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT). To become a member, the trainer must have displayed great skill.
  • Professional CPR Certification holder: If the fitness trainer possesses the certificate of being an expert or a professional Cardio pulmonary resuscitation, then he or she will be benefiting. This is a requirement in personal trainer qualifications from most of the modern fitness centres across many parts of the world.
  • Look for Great recommendations: Along with the personal trainer qualifications, look for recommendations. Is the instructor a great motivator, or does not take no for an answer? It is essential when you are finding it difficult to stay slim or fit in the long run. If the trainer gets recommendation from people who have seen visible changes in their fitness levels, take them seriously. We all need that kind of motivation from time to time.
  • Help in Making Lifestyle Changes: While selecting the trainer, it is not just enough to check if he or she has personal trainer qualifications. They should be urging you to work out, sweat it out, and even help you get the confidence to leave behind your old lifestyle.

Make sure to talk with the trainers and learn about the personal trainer qualifications before signing them up. It makes sense to see and find more about them, and how they can help you embark on the journey to fitness.

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