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Gerald Smith
Female Body Transformation Expert


My name is Gerald Smith.

I started my career as a boxer, and then I learned how I could help others achieve the fitness goals I had to learn on my own..

I have become a very successful personal trainer and nutritional therapist. Executives pay me a lot of money to coach them through their journeys to a healthier life.  

What I am most proud of today and what I am offering you is the opportunity to bring a personal trainer into your home through your computer and together take a journey that will change your life for the better forever.

I want it to be clear that I have always wanted to help people transform their bodies, their minds, and their lives. These changes require serious commitments, but if that wasn’t the case, I’d be out of work! I believe in working out hard, but also in working out smart and making choices and changes that can be maintained over a lifetime.

I realize that coming to see us in the gym is not affordable or even possible for everyone. Having seen the success achieved by my clients in the gym, I want to extend the opportunity to achieve that success to people who are unable to find the time, money, or are in the wrong location to take me with them face-to-face on this fitness journey. I still want to offer my services to these other people who cannot join me in person—your transformation is still possible, and I can still help you.

This is no fad or joke. The journey is not easy, but it is more than possible!

Our comprehensive program will give you access to a bespoke fitness program, a customized nutritional plan, and access to the psychological techniques I use here in the gym which have been so successful with my clients.

Maximize Your Results With A World Class Online Personal Trainer!

The weights and toning work was extremely hard.  We would spend a session working on lower body, then a session working on upper body.  I have not done a lot of weights work so I found this difficult.  I was pushed extremely hard and I was worried that I might not be able to do it.  However, one of Gerald’s greatest qualities is that he is a fantastic motivator and he helped me to keep going even though it would have been easier to stop.

It was pure luck that Gerald was assigned to me but I never looked back.  He’s a funny, personable guy who cares and takes an interest in what you do and where you want to go.  But he’s no pushover.  If you want an easy ride then he isn’t the man for you but he will push you to success while still being fun, enthusiastic and incredibly capable.    I hope to work with Gerald again in the future.  Although I won’t wait for something as major as a wedding next time.

We  did a lot of boxing in our sessions.  I never knew the boxing would be so hard but Gerald made it fun and sparing was an excellent way to break up the toughness of the workout.  Unfortunately I injured my wrist in accident outside our sessions, but Gerald was excellent about it and also showed his flexibility by being able to adapt his plans for me and making sure that the momentum was never lost.

Get Great Results With My 4 Step Body Transformation Process

When you choose me as your online personal trainer, you will gain some serious assets to assist you in your journey to a healthier you. I’ll teach you how to:

1. Review and Build New Habits

Making the changes you desire is as easy as getting rid of old habits and adopting new ones. You have taken the first step to make significant positive changes in your life. Now it is time to follow through on that commitment. Now that you’re in the right mindset for change, it’s time to take action. The positive changes you are going to make include changes to your diet and your exercise routine.

You are going to reexamine your relationship with food: your eating schedule, your eating choices, even the groceries you have brought home to your kitchen. Your new health-conscious approach will include examining those food labels with a trained eye, viewing food as fuel to make your body perform at maximum efficiency. Creating a new healthy lifestyle requires planning, and we’re going to keep it simple and do it right!

2. Nutritional Audit & Consultation

Your body is an amazing machine, but it needs quality fuel to perform at its best. Giving your body the nutrition it needs to thrive involves learning how to listen to what your body tells you and learning how your body desires and processes certain foods to feel energized. Once you start eating the right foods, you are going to feel so much better. Not only that, but that “better” is going to become your new normal.

As a new client, you will begin by keeping a food diary—writing down everything you consumed the previous week. We will take that information and audit your dietary habits so we can specifically fine tune the changes which will help you achieve the best results. The changes we suggest will deliberately be integrated with your current lifestyle so these changes can become enduring lifelong lifestyle changes. We do not believe in “diets.” A regimen of lifelong, consistent healthy eating habits is our nutritional goal for all of our clients. In addition to suggesting changes to eating habits, we also provide a customized supplementation programme that will recommend the best nutritional supplements a client can take to enhance their personal progress.


3. Bespoke Exercise Program

Our exercise program includes six full weeks of varied workouts, everything from cardio to resistance training, and also important sessions of active rest. We will study the information related to your medical history and previous exercise experience which you provide on our detailed assessment forms, and combine this knowledge with what we learn from you about your motivations and unique fitness goals to customize your workout program.

The resulting six week training program is fully customized for you through the application of exercise science, allowing you to achieve results in the fastest time possible. Your entire month of workout sessions is planned out in advance, including weights, repetitions (which will be varied to prevent the dreaded plateau-effect), and intervals of rest. Your progress will be predicted, monitored, and your workouts adjusted if necessary to maintain maximum efficiency. 

4. Direct Access to Personal Trainer

Even with the incredible assets we provide for you along your fitness journey, we are not going to leave you to do it alone. We can’t come to your house, and chances are, you can’t come to our gym, but we are going to do the next best thing and provide you with direct online access to one of our personal trainers. This online training is almost the same as having a person trainer coach you face to face, but two important differences:

1) This journey must involve your TOTAL motivation. The necessary lack of one-to-one coaching in person requires that you are focused, disciplined, and completely dedicated to making significant changes in your lifestyle. Anything less than 100% motivation and dedication means you will not only be wasting your time, but also your hard-earned money.

2) Having stated the importance of your personal motivation, do not underestimate the value and effectiveness of having a world-class trainer online at your disposal. You are receiving the benefit of top level coaching expertise at a price which is extraordinarily discounted from what we normally charge clients who walk into the gym.

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Monthly Price

Online Personal Training
£ 120

  • Lose 2-6% body fat
  • Get slimmer thighs
  • Get rid of hip fat!!

“I wanted to look good for my wedding, and even though I left it late Gerald was still able to make it happen and I am very grateful”
Online personal training
Denise Jarvis
“Gerald has to be one of the best online coaches available. He is down to earth, understanding, but firm when he has to be. He gives you 110% of his energy and he has such a wealth of knowledge.”
If you want to get your figure back or you are just starting your weight loss journey then this is the guy you need to start with. I can’t recommend this guy enough.”

Lisa Shea
HR Manager
“Gerald’s online personal training program never let me down as I received advice, guidance, help and coaching I needed.
Gerald did a great job of keeping me accountable, while been supportive and encouraging. This program didn’t just help me lose weight, but also help me to change my life so that I don’t need medication to lead a healthy life.”
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Theresa McDonald