Online Personal Training: Is Online Personal Training Worth it?

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is an online personal trainer worth it

Online Personal Training: Is Online Personal Training Worth it?

Online personal training can mean anything from adhering to a customised program using programs and digitised spreadsheets.
It may even involve you sending videotaped workouts to a coach for feedback on your form, intensity and weight selection.

But is it worth it in the long run?

If you hire a personal trainer at your gym and you have an appointment at the gym, it makes you go.
Your trainer will push you in the sessions to do things with your body that you didn’t think was possible.
It is better to have a personal trainer than to go it alone, but what is the main difference between an online trainer and one in a gym


Employing an online trainer is less expensive than seeing one in your local fitness club for a few reasons:

  • You don’t need to pay for a gym membership
  • You don’t have to buy expensive equipment for the house if you don’t want to
  • The cost for one month of training can be less then half what you would pay for a personal trainer in the gym.

There are some things to consider when you hire an online personal trainer.

  • You may want to consider building a home gym, and there is a cost attached to this.
  • Where will you train? In your home, at the gym or in your park?

Benefits of online personal training for the trainer

I currently work with clients both online and in the gym. I charge £65 ($91.57) per one-hour session, but the cost one month’s online personal training is £120 ($170).

The difference in price is because I don’t have to:

  • Pay a percentage to the gym
  • Travel to client’s houses
  • Buy equipment for sessions

Benefits of online personal training for you

  • What do you get for your monthly fee:
  • Weekly consultations
  • Continuous Email Support
  • Telephone support
  • Weekly fitness programs Emailed to you

Another advantage of online personal training

Another advantage is that you get to choose the one personal trainer whose philosophy gels the best with your beliefs, values, goals and personality.
In a gym, you can access the best trainer in that gym. With online personal training, you can find the best personal trainer in the world for you.
It doesn’t matter where this trainer is on the planet, whether they are in Germany, Canada, South Africa or Papua New Guinea.
You can have access to your trainer all the time.

Disadvantages of online personal training

There is a lack of focus and attention to detail that you can only get from face to face sessions.
However, you can upload a video of yourself doing a complicated exercise like a squat.
However, it is not the same as seeing it in real time and correcting there and then on the spot.
Furthermore, there are some things that you may struggle to learn and sometimes to have someone there watching and correcting you can speed up that process.
You will be monitored on a weekly basis with online personal training. However, it is nice to ask a question there and then and get an immediate response.

Is online personal training right for me if I lack self-motivation?

The short answer is no. There are just some people that online personal training is not suited.
If you are very determined once you set your mind to a goal, but you need someone to give you a plan and structure, then online personal training, is right for you.
Also, if you have had a lot of injuries in the past or you lack awareness of how your body moves you are going to have problems with your form for some exercises.
Bad form can lead to injuries, and injuries can slow down progress.
It may be best for you to seek a personal trainer in the gym or to train with a friend who knows what they are doing in the gym.

How do you find a good personal trainer?

You will need to study and compile your short list of candidates based on two things:

  1. Qualifications
  2. References


If you go to a gym, you can guarantee your trainer has insurance, is suitably qualified and is insured to train you.
You can’t guarantee that this is the same for online personal trainers. They may not have a degree or even a level 3 personal trainer NVQ (National Vocation Qualification), which is a work based practical qualification that we have here in the UK.
If you are from USA or Canada, then all personal trainers must have a degree. So, do not be afraid to ask your trainer for their qualifications.


Feel free to ask for phone numbers or Email addresses of people who your trainer has worked with to find out what their experience was like working with your trainer.
Go to the site and look and testimonies, ask your trainer how his current clients are doing.
Your trainer should be willing to answer any questions you have either by Email or phone until you are ready to commit.

Still not convinced?

Overall there are more advantages to working with an online personal trainer than face to face. I have stated the main reasons when you shouldn’t work with an online personal trainer.
I have also stated what you should look for if you want the best online personal trainer.
However, if you are still not convinced that an online personal trainer is worth it here are three more reasons to work with an online personal trainer.

  1. Carry your exercise program with you easily

Predicted to be worth over 240m in the next couple of years the fitness app boom has changed telephones to portable fitness program cards and so much more.

  1. You can now be held accountable

You get as much communicating with your coach as you require, which gives you the accountability you need.

  1. 24/7 support

It’s a Thursday night and you are with friends who’d prefer to go down to the pub than to the gym. Your online trainer or fitness app is about 24 hours per day and will act as a pocket-sized nemesis to the voice in your mind that wants to go for a drink.

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