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I will come to you for each training session
I will train you whenever and wherever is convenient for you
I will customise workouts around your fitness level and needs
My specialised workout system gives you a great workout in just 45 minutes

Be a fit over 40 with our affordable personal training in South West London!

Over 40? If the answer is yes, chances are you’re finding it harder and harder to stay in shape. Not only is your body changing, but your far too focused on your career and family to find time for the gym.

But what if you had access to a world-class personal trainer? Moreover, what if you could stop worrying about “hitting the gym” and instead have the “gym” brought to you?

That’s what you get with Gerald Smith, a South West London mobile personal trainer who specialises in men and women over 40! His goal? To work around your busy schedule, make exercise fun again, and – most of all – overcome the specific challenges involved in getting fit after 40.

If You’re Over 40, Chances Are You’re Tired of the Following Problems:


Excess weight you can’t get rid of
Displeasure with how you look and feel
Trying to find time in your busy day to exercise
Stubborn fat around your hips and stomach
Not being able to wear the clothes you love anymore


Stubborn fat around your belly
Reduced physical strength
Hating how you feel and look
Lack of definition in your chest and arms
Low energy levels

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Personal Training that Suits Your Lifestyle

Whatever’s keeping you from staying fit, be it your career, your family, or just a lack of time, I can help you get back on the fitness track. The key lies in bringing the gym to you! With my mobile personal training services in South West London, I can train you in your home, local park, or anywhere else you have space to move.


Get your figure back
Look and feel healthy again
Eliminate fat in those problem areas
Start wearing the clothes you love again
Improve your health


Lose that stubborn belly fat
Increase the size of your arms and chest
Get back that youthful energy
Improve your posture
Regain your strength and stamina

The Key to Staying Fit After 40

As you age, two major things tend to change: your hormones and your priorities. Indeed, by the time you reached 40s, you were probably far more focused on your family and career than you were on maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. To make matters worse, you probably noticed that your body began to undergo a number of changes that make staying healthy harder than ever.

Men Over 40

As a man over 40 myself, I understand the changes your body is going through. This includes less testosterone, decreased muscle mass, metabolic slowdowns, and increased insulin resistance. As this happens to you, it becomes easier than ever to pack on pounds around the midsection.

Of course, most men in their 40s are living a high-stress lifestyle that doesn’t leave much room for working out and I am sure that you are the same. And if that weren’t bad enough, stress itself can make you more prone to weight gain! Lastly, at this age, the collagen in your body starts to break down, making working out a painful process and keeping you from working out as much as you should.

Women Over 40

As a woman you are probably more aware of hormonal changes than men. However, this awareness doesn’t make you immune to your own “over 40” problems. In fact, even women with an established workout routine can begin to suffer hormonal changes that make staying fit harder than ever.

For instance, estrogen and progesterone loss can drastically affect both muscle mass and mood, slowing your metabolism and causing you to put on weight no matter what you eat. At the same time, many women start to become insulin-resistant at this age, which causes out-of-control cravings for sweets and other snacks that don’t do your weight loss routine any favours.

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The HEET System: Fitness Solutions by Design

In my time as a personal trainer, I’ve learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work for my over-40 clients. One of the main things I’ve discovered is that you can combat the hormonal changes your body is throwing at you with the right training program. This is the guiding principle behind my unique HEET Express Training System. Not only does it help balance your hormones and control your weight, but it allow you to fit THREE WORKOUTS into less than an hour of training so that you can maximise both your time and productivity.

Weight lifting is a part of strength training

Strength Training

This focuses on building and toning your muscles using easy resistance techniques. As your strength improves, your testosterone levels will increase, which is essential to long-term weight loss.

Anaerobic exercise is the second step in HEET System

Aerobic Exercise

This elevates your heart rate for extended periods of time, helping to promote fat loss while immensely benefiting your heart and lungs.

Anaerobic Exercise

These are quick, explosive movements that help supercharge your metabolism and reduce your blood sugar levels.

The Science Behind HEET

My unique Express Workout System combines my years of experience with the latest scientific research. It condenses THREE FULL WORKOUTS in one 45-minute session, allowing you to maximise results without taking away from your busy schedule. Better yet, my system can easily be scaled to fit your unique goals, fitness level, and needs.

Each HEET workout consists of 10 three-minute rounds of intense exercise, each of which are followed by a single minute of rest. All of our exercises can be done anywhere at any time, and while most use only your body weight, we will provide any equipment you need. It couldn’t be easier to experience life-changing results!

Exercise Density

This is the ability to condense and maximise calorie expenditure in a single session. It keeps HEET workouts vigorous, effective, and short enough to do on your lunch break! It also ensures your body continues to burn fat long after you finish your exercise routine – sometimes as long as 24 hours after training is over.

Peripheral Heart Rate Training (PHT)

One of the main components of the HEET system, PHT involves exercising your lower body (legs), then immediately exercising your upper body while your legs recover. This maximises calorie expenditure by keeping your heart pumping the whole time.

Customized Nutrition

To ensure you get the best possible results, we need to monitor your input as well as your output. That’s why we design a customised meal plan just for you. Don’t worry, you won’t find yourself fasting with our method. We’ll instead provide you with plenty of nutritious, delicious recipes that will complement your workout routine.

What to Expect From HEET

Aside from the lightning-quick results my HEET system offers, one of the other reasons my clients keep coming back is that they can easily fit my programs into their busy schedules. It is an “express” workout system, after all. Just how convenient is it? How about a 90-minute workout in just 45 minutes?

With HEET, your body’s energy output will be the same as it would be if you were competing in 10 rounds of boxing! This is the sort of minimal rest, maximum rep training that allows my over 40 clients to overcome the changes their body is going through and get super-fast results. Plus, as a mobile personal trainer, I can bring HEET to YOU – no more trying to fit the gym into your workday, sweaty clothes on the tube, or trying to work out while watching the kids!

The MAJORITY of my over-40 clients come to me because they are:
Unhappy with their body or figure
Struggling to find time in the day to exercise
Hate the fat around their midsection and stomach
Looking to wear clothes they love again
Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
But after just a few weeks using HEET, you can expect to:
Have fewer cravings for sweets and junk foods
Sleep better and feel more productive
Experience less bloating and fatigue

HEET: A Solution for All Genders, Schedules, and Ages

Over the years, I’ve had countless clients come to me to solve their Over-40 Fitness Woes. This was one of the main reasons I developed my revolutionary HEET system. Below, I’ll explain how my program can directly counteract many of the above symptoms of age, stress, and a busy lifestyle.

Hormone Issues

Every HEET workout involves strength training, which is the only activity that can naturally affect hormone production in both men and women regardless of age. At the same time that it helps get your testosterone or estrogen back on track.

Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity may increase with age, but this isn’t an irreversible process. In fact, the strength exercises used in my HEET system can help counteract this sensitivity, lowering your blood sugar, reducing cravings, and reducing your risk of developing Type II diabetes.

Weight Gain

The combination of strength training, aerobic, and anaerobic exercises present in my HEET system make it a powerful tool for combating weight gain. In fact, these three components are the perfect recipe for burning fat both during and after workouts.

Metabolic Improvements

Your metabolism can be boosted with cardio exercises and aerobics, both of which are key components of my HEET system. In fact, my goal is to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the entire 45-minute session. This puts your metabolism on notice to start working the way it did in your youth.

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Why Choose Me as Your Personal Trainer in South West London?

If you’re considering investing in personal training in South West London, you need to find the right person to fit your needs and your busy schedule. At the same time, you deserve someone who understands the changes your body is going through and can commit to overcoming them. I hope you’ll choose to work with me, but if you need more convincing, here are a few reasons why I’ve become the South West London Personal Trainer of choice.

Qualified, Not Just “Certified”

I hold the highest fitness qualification available: a 3-year degree. Where other South West London personal trainers only undergo a six-week training course, I’ve committed my life to fitness education.

The HEET System

No other personal trainer in South West London has access to my patented HEET Express Training System. Go with another trainer, and you might wait months to see results.

Dietary Analysis

My team and I will perform a detailed analysis of your diet in order to identify any potential barriers to your success. If you want, I can even develop a customised diet just for you.

Over 40 Specialisation

I specialise in getting results for over-40 clients. This means working with busy professionals, business owners, and mothers who want to be slimmer, fitter, and stronger but don’t know how to fit a workout into their day. With my express mobile workouts, I bring the gym, and the solution, to you!

If you’re over 40 and in South West London, I’ll bring an affordable personal training program directly to you and get you in the best shape of your life!
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Affordable Personal Training Without Compromises

We’ve worked hard to design a personal training system that is not only convenient for our clients, but affordable as well. But we take special care to note that our affordability does not mean we’ve compromised one iota of quality.

We strive to provide world class service to all of our clients, adding plenty of personal touches throughout their fitness journey.

Here are just some of the benefits included in your Slimmer, Fitter, Strong package:

Weekly Review

I meet with you once a week to check your progress, satisfaction level, and to set new goals as we achieve old ones!

Weekly Check-Ins

I like to stay in contact with my clients outside of sessions as well. These check-ins are typically done via email, and serve to see how you’re doing with your weekly goals, remind you to keep drinking water, and more. Most clients find it helpful, and I do as well!

Personalised Diet Plan

Exercise is just one half of the fitness equation – you need to be giving your body healthy, nutritious food as well. Luckily, I’m more than happy to provide you with a personalized diet plan that won’t make you fast.

Progress Photos

Photos aren’t just the best way to track your progress, but to keep yourself motivated as well! I advise that you take photo of your progress every two weeks so that you can watch the “new you” take shape. These pictures will be for your own benefit and motivation.

In the end, you’re not just hiring be because of what I bring to the sessions, but because I’m invested in your progress. Once you become a client, you and I become a team. Our goal? To get you the body you want regardless of your schedule, age, or profession.

Wherever You Are, Get Ready for a Brand New You

I’m happy to bring my affordable personal training to the South West London Area in order to maximise convenience for my clients. This means that more over-40 professionals, parents, and business owners can utilize my system and start seeing results. No matter your location, no matter your schedule, I can bring the gym to you. With my mobile personal training service, the only effort you exert will be during the workouts themselves!

Ready to Get Slimmer, Fitter, and Stronger? Here’s How to Get Started

Getting started couldn’t be easier with this personal trainer south west London. Simply contact me and we’ll set up a free consultation, a trial session, and then book a package and pay online! It’s all

First step to get strated is to book a free consultation with your personal trainer in Putney

Book a Free Consultation

I’ll meet with you to discuss your various fitness goals, any problem areas you want to focus on, and any other details I need to know before starting training. For added convenience, we can assess your needs via a video call or skype

Second step is to book a trial session with your personal trainer

Book a Paid Trial Session

I let all my clients “try before they buy.” Go ahead and book a discounted trial session to see what you think of my, my approach, and my one-of-a-kind HEET system.

book and pay online

Book a Package

Once you decide to start your fitness journey, you can book the package you prefer and set up automatic payment online.

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