EHF023 – How To Make Healthy Food Options When Entertaining Clients

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Healthy food options

Healthy Food Options When Entertaining Clients

When you are trying to lose weight it becomes really difficult to maintain your diet when you have to take clients out.
Obviously you want to put your clients at ease and start to build a relationship with them, which is difficult if you are worrying about what you are eating.
However, you can still eat out and have fun with your clients, and eat healthy.
When taking clients out I still want you to feel sociable and to be able to enjoy the company of the people your with and still be present and not just focusing on food.
I want to show you some tips on how you can take your clients out, show them a good time, try new foods have a good time yourself, buid good relationships with your clients and still stay on track with your health goals.

  1. Ruin your appetite. If you go to the restaurant really hungry your food choices are gonna be really bad. Eat something about an hour before you go out so that you are already half full.
  2. Eat slowly, when you eat your food fast you don’t give your brain enough time to register the fact that it is full, and you can end up eating more then you realized.
  3. Go for dishes high with lean cuts of protein, like chicken, fish, beef, etc.
  4. Ask for creams and sauces to be removed or on the side from foods as these items contain a lot of calories and preservatives.
  5. Ask to have carbohydrates like rice or pasta replaced with extra salad,
  6. Skip the first alcoholic drink

Try all these tips the next time you are out in a restaurant with new or existing clients. Eating out is never going to be the same as when you control the ingredients you use, but these tips will make it easier.
Topic: Healthy Food Options When Entertaining Clients

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