PFPF04 – The best way to lose fat is to eat fat (ft Stephanie Person)

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The best way to lose fat

How To Eat Fat To Lose Fat

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb and medium protein diet. It is different from the Atkins diet which involved eating fried foods and very high amounts of protein, which eventually lead to kidney stones.
The ketogenic diet can be considered the evolution of the Atkins diet. It must be remembered that many people lost weight using the Atkins diet when it first came on the scene.
Their were concerns about the long term benefits and safety of the Atkins diet, which is probably why this diet was made.
As you will see in this podcast there are many health benefits to this diet, which include weight loss and even the reversal of brain tumors.
how to eat fat to lose fat

Presenting Stephanie Person

My guest Stephanie Person is a ketogenic coach and personal trainer. She coaches the ketogenic diet to clients with severe health problems.
She has coached over 3000 clients and has been living on the ketogenic diet for over 7 years. She is truly an inspiration and one of the most knowledgeable people on the ketogenic diet in the world!
Stephanie has her own YouTube channel called Stephanie Keto Person where she releases daily content on what to do and how to follow the ketogenic diet.
In this show we discuss:

  • The difference in health between fatty foods and sugary foods
  • Why too much meat can be bad for your health
  • The difference between the Atkins diet and ketogenic diet
  • What are the best fats to eat

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Topic: The fastest way to lose fat


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