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John’s Weight Loss Transformation | From 1 Pack To 6 Pack


Weight loss transformation – As a personal trainer I believe that with the right motivation, and a concrete plan you can achieve your own weight loss transformation.

John is a shining beacon of this fact, and I want to share his story with you.

I have been training John for many years. He was first referred to me by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer.

John has a stressful job as a banker. Like most people he has to commute in to work each day, and then work long hours.

John would often eat late, drink a bit too much wine and then go to bed late and get up early. As the years went by, this lifestyle led to John gaining 10 kilos over a few years.

When I finally met John, he wasn’t someone I would have described as being badly overweight. However, sometimes it’s about what you are used to.

He always felt he could do better with his fitness and health and searched for a personal trainer.

His first trainer Kim had done a great job of building John’s fitness levels. John was very fit and fully committed to our workouts when we first began training together.

The only problem was that during his time training with his former trainer he didn’t achieve the kind of weight loss transformation he was looking for.


​So, this was one of the first changes we made. John didn’t have time to weigh all the foods he ate in order to count calories.

We decided to use a meal delivery service, instead of using my diet plan in order to help get his nutrition right, while he focused on his training

The training schedule for his weight loss transformation consisted of training with me 3 times a week, and mainly focused on interval training.

We used a combination of high intensity exercises, boxing and resistance-based exercises followed by rest periods of 30-60 seconds.

We focused on keeping the heart rate in the highest training zone to burn calories.

Within 5 months John had lost 10 kilograms and achieved defined, flat abs. Here is what John had to say about training with me and achieving his weight loss transformation:

What made you decide to get in a shape with a personal trainer?

It’s been a few years that we have been training together. At first, I was lacking energy and needed to get fit. I had put on a lot of weight over the years and wasn’t happy in my physical appearance, so I decided to get a personal trainer.

What made you decide that I was the right personal training company for you?

“Initially I hired another personal training company and I loved working out with Kim, my previous trainer. However, she left to go to New York, and she recommended you take over my training.”

“Once I met you and started training with you, I found that I really connected with you personally as well as, as a professional trainer, your scientific approach, all founded in proper qualifications, not voodoo and housewives tales”.

“My wife Peggy had several other trainers including a trainer with an MMA background, who I also tried out a few times. However, I always preferred our boxing though, I felt like it was a skill I could really learn and be good at, MMA was a lot messier”.

What do you like about personal training with me?

See above, plus I don’t need will power and good intentions when you are going to be knocking on my door at 6:15am. I just have to be up, dressed hydrated and rested.  It is like buying motivation. I really like pad and bag work which you offer to high standard.  Your background as having boxed to a high level really works as a trainer

Also, I have had massive gaps in my training (heart attack, COVID). I am truly grateful you keep those morning slots for me. I expect that is super-premium time I would find it very difficult to change so I appreciate it

What results have you achieved (how you look, feel, weight lost, any surprising and unexpected benefits?

“I have at times lost ten kilos, got a six pack and got really fit.  I love the mental health benefits of feeling tired at the end of a day, sleeping well at night, and being energised next day. When we work out, I am lost in the zone and have no stress at all.  And I love that I can go harder and faster for longer on my snowboard and my mountain bike because I am fitter and lighter.

How would you describe the service you have got from me?
Fun, supportive, scientific, structured, and personal.


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