How To Fix forward head posture

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5 exercises to fix bad posture

How To Fix forward head posture

How To Fix forward head posture – If you work at a desk for a few hours every day it is highly likely that you are going to get changes in your posture.
Sitting at a desk and looking at  a computer all day long can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, as well as upper and lower back pain.
This is due to the fact that your head is strectched out too far in front of the body and the weight of the head actually causes pain and strain on the neck shoulders and back.
The type of posture developed by sitting at a desk all day long is known as forward head posture. Please see below.
why is posture important
To assess normal posture and normal correct head position we would like at the position of the ear in relation to the shoulder.
In the picture above the ear is a few inches forward from the centerforward head posture of the shoulder, and is rounding the back. Compare to the picture below where the head is back and the upper back is flatter.
Due to the fact that the back is flatter it is less likely to place strain on both the neck and back. This is due to the fact that for every inch your head is forward, you can multiply the

Other ways to get this type of posture

Taller people can develop this posture because they are looking downward at people shorter than them. No matter how it’s caused it can cause people to experience pain in their shoulder, neck and it can also lead to injuries in the shoulder area due to the movement restrictions placed on the shoulder.
People with this type of posture will have arms that are rotated inward, a head that pokes forward, and an excessively rounded upper back.
In order to overcome this posture you will need to do a combination of stretches for the tight muscles, and strengthening exercises for the muscles that become weak. Below are my top 5 tips for fixing forward head posture.

Exercises to fix forward head posture

  1. Stretch the chest muscles, these muscles become short and strong and due to their attachment on the arms they can bring the shoulders forward.

  1. Stretch your latisimus Dorsi (see the picture below). These muscles are found on the back, and connect from the arm to the lower back and top of your pelvis  When this muscle becomes short it causes the arms rotate inwards causing the knuckles to face forward (see forward head posture).

  1. Stretch the muscles in the front of the neck. There are muscles at the front of your neck that bring your head forward. These muscles get over used when you develop poking head posture, so they get strong and short, which is why they need to be stretched.

Make sure you keep your mouth closed, hold for 30 seconds and repeat 5 times. You should feel this stretch at the front of the neck.
fix forward head posture

  1. Strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blade (rhomboids and trapezius). If you pull your shoulder blades together and downwards this will lift the chest upwards and stretch it. Please try it now. Can you feel the difference it makes? Because these muscles have an opposing role to the chest muscles, strengthening these muscles can significantly reduce poking head posture.


  1. Strengthen the rotator cuffs. The rotator cuff muscles play an important role in stabilising the shoulder joint and prevent it from popping out. There are muscles of the rotator cuff that rotate the shoulders outward and others that that rotate the arms inward. When you have poking head posture your arms will be rotated inward, so to improve the posture you will have to strengthen the muscles that rotate you outwardly.

This exercise strengthens all the key muscles mentioned before.

Lie down on your stomach with your head looking down towards the floor. Have your arms extended and at exactly degrees.
Raise your chest of the floor, but try to make sure the movement is coming from the vertebrae’s in the top half of your back rather than the bottom half.
As your chest is raised, keep your head facing downward and then rotate your arms outward until your thumbs are facing the ceiling. Hold for 5 seconds and then return to the start position.
Repetitions 10
Sets 1

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