How To Avoid Making Bad Food Choices | With Friends or Clients

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How To Avoid Making Bad Food Choices With Friends or Clients

bad food choices

11 ways to avoid bad food choices

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A lot of articles talk about the what, the how and the why eating a healthy diet helps you lose weight. However, what if you are someone who travels for business.
Perhaps you work really long hours and barely have 20 minutes to yourself while working a 12-14 hour day.
Quite often bankers, directors or senior managers may need to eat out and entertain clients or partners at breakfast meetings, lunches, dinners, and parties.

Avoiding Bad Food Choices With Clients

This can make maintaining a healthy diet one hell of a killer challenge. Sometimes bankers even travel for business, which makes eating healthy even more difficult.
All of the above means fatty foods, alcohol, large portions and being the life of the party.
When it comes to making better choices and eating more healthy in restaurants, there are loads of ways you can still eat like a king or queen and rock your business meeting.

45826255_mlChoose Healthy Substitutes & Modify Food

Restaurants often offer many healthy options. Simply making small modifications, little requests and choosing to substitute certain foods for healthy options can make a world of a difference to your diet:

  • Ask for no cream if the dish has cream.
  • Go for the bunless burger.
  • Look for items on the menu that indicate they are healthy options.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your phone to look up a menu item’s calorie count.
  • Ask for dressing on the side and only use half of the serving.
  • Use a sugar substitute instead of sugar.
  • Opt for fruit as dessert rather than cakes or pastries.
  • Ask for brown rice, quinoa or couscous instead of white rice.
  • Replace rice or pasta with extra salad or vegetables.
  • Eat a salad first to fill up on veggies before you main meal.
  • Ask for a smaller serving of pasta, or anything on the plate that may be full of processed carbs

Throw Up Some Witty Banter

Quite often it can be frowned upon to not have a drink while everyone else is. Your meant to be the life of the party. Your meant to be showing your clients a good time.
This may not be the best time to be a ‘health nut’ or you risk being labeled a ‘prude’. However, if your serious about achieving your goal this is a bullet you must dodge.
You can try to avoid this situation by throwing up some witty banter among your clients.

6328449_mlTry to use humor when possible

You don’t have to be a comedian. You can simply make light of your choices and give alternative reasons for avoiding certain foods or alcohol in clever little ways:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol by telling the party or client you have a bet with a colleague, and you’re not drinking alcohol this month.
  • Make light of the situation by commenting on your success as a banker is your ability to commit to numbers and to stay healthy when you opt for a substitute or have to modify your meal.
  • Claim you think more clearly when you get your mixed drink with sparkling water or soda water. (*you can still have alcohol and avoid the extra calories and sugar).
  • won’t find yourself in a more awkward situation avoiding dinner or forcing yourself to eat something you cannot or do not want to eat.

Use some weight loss motivation tips to help you get through challenging periods as your motivation can play a larger role than you realize.
Try some of these suggestions for a month and see how they go down. I understand that there is a lot of pressure in these situations.
However, avoid the path of least resistance. Be bold and try to stick to your health goals. Remember what it will feel like when you have the body shape you want.
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What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

Please leave your comments below or ask any questions as i would be happy to respond 🙂

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