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Expert fitness and nutrition management for those without time
I will take care of you so that you can take care of your business
 Convenient personal training in a fully equipped studio
Great variety to keep sessions fun and motivating

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The Executive Personal Training Plan

The ultimate training plan for city executives who don’t have time to waste. So much time is wasted in the gym queuing for machines, traveling to the gym. I will come to you and design your sessions to guarantee you see major improvements in your fitness and physique in the shortest time possible.

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The Executive Weight Loss Programme

If you’re having trouble finding the right motivation to stick to a healthy eating plan then don’t worry, a lot of people are in the same boat. Through specially designed nutrition plans you can, reduce stress, improve food intolerance, chronic fatigue, IBS, weight loss and many more.
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Running Technique Coaching

My goal as a coach is to prevent injury or make you run faster. Training begins with muscle imbalance testing and a running assessment. You will learn the safest techniques to strengthen key muscle groups for running. We all have a running style that suits are bodies based on leg length, and body size.

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“ I would describe Gerald as engaging and easy to talk with, he is a good listener but rubbish at counting sets and repetitions! He is a good motivator – tough but fair and pushes me to the limit every time. He is good at explaining the reason for doing an exercise and the benefits it brings to my sports, plus he has a good sense of humour and personality – very likeable. ”



“ I first weighed 119kg when I joined the gym and I had no intention of having a trainer, but then I came into contact with Gerald and of course he was nothing like the preconceived stereotype. What I initially liked is that he sat me down for 30-45 minutes and went through my whole history and where I wanted to go, which was basically to improve fitness and lose weight. This was followed by an assessment where he gauged my fitness and flexibility. I had no idea how inflexible I was – didn’t even realise it was an issue. ”



“ Gerald has trained me for many months now, I do 3 x 1 hour a week which I believe is a minimum to really develop and maintain the level of strength and fitness I am looking to achieve. I really love the boxing part, I have discovered a form of exercise that is kind of actually fun in its own right.”



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