EHF017 – Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid Those Christmas Treats

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Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Christmas is a festive time that arrives quickly and brings with it carols, social gatherings, parties, dancing, present swapping and yes, the ever indulgent Christmas treats.
You know you are going to be bombarded with food this Christmas, not to mention all the little snacks and treats that will be available almost everywhere, including your office.
There’s no doubt about it that every time you are overwhelmed with treats, there will be times that you start questioning whether one or two couldn’t possibly hurt. You suffer in silence, and are tempted at every turn so what are you to do?

Avoid the Path to Self-Destruction

After working so hard and for so long, Christmas comes along and just thinks it can shove treats in your face? Sorry, but you are thinking about your fitness goals not your instant pleasures.
Your body has been trained to adopt and get used to a clean diet at this point, so anything full of sugar, or saturated fats will not make you feel good, but actually make you feel queasy or ill and sometimes the only way to feel better is to eat more sugar and fat loaded foods to feel better.
Needless to say this is not the way to go. Just think logically, don’t justify your actions to eat treats, and remember all the hard sessions that got you where you are today. Do you really want to sacrifice all that work?


The term is still thrown around today here and there (you only live once) but the real satisfaction in life comes from moderation.
Taste is a privilege we possess that enables us to enjoy different foods, but only so in moderation. Ever notice that your favourite foods don’t quite taste as good after eating a whole pack?
The thing is however, obsessing over your weight and controlling your diet to a totalitarian degree can lead to some psychological issues and eating disorders.
Don’t simply deny yourself treats or indulge once in a while. It’s not detrimental to your mission if you have one or two treats, or have a cheat day.
The important thing to remember is having the willpower to stop and continue on that same track.
Sometimes a sugar treat is just the thing your body needs, after going without for so long, to maximize your next gym workout!

Remember to Stay Sane

You may end up giving in and having some treats, or you might stay strong just the same but what you need to keep in mind is avoiding BOTH ends of the line. Extremes will not be tolerated.
Try not to over indulge but don’t deny yourself either. A Christmas snack at the office doesn’t mean eating 5000 calories in one session!
Have some self-restraint dammit! The same applies to all your workouts and sessions. Don’t punish yourself because you had a little snack, yet don’t avoid training because you feel like crap (and you will at that point).
Healthy food should be your dominant diet, but snacks and junk are always permitted if you can keep it in check. Don’t freak out and be the controlling force in your mission for a healthy body and lifestyle. You can do it!

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