Begin The Journey To A New You With, Your Green Park Personal Trainer

Green park personal trainer – Fresh air and beautiful scenery, that’s where I take you for your personal training. No stuffy offices, No hot and sweaty gyms, just physical training to help you tone up, lose weight and feel amazing!

As a leading mobile personal trainer, I specialise in training my customers in beautiful Green Park settings. My training programs are custom designed to help you achieve your goals quicker!

Who Am I?

My name is Gerald Smith I am a former boxer, who now offers personal training programs in Green Parks and many other locations in London. I have had countless articles published regarding: personal training methods, strength training and rehabilitation.

My job is not to shout and rant at you, but to help you achieve your fitness goals! I help you achieve your personal goals by training you in stunning and open parks. These beautiful open areas provide the perfect setting to develop your fitness!

I have spent years developing more efficient methods for training and have dedicated my life to fitness and promoting good health. From experience I have learned that by combining stunning scenery, education and customer orientated results, you achieve your goals quicker and more effectively.

Why Choose Me As Your Green Park Personal Trainer?

Your personal training is custom designed around your current fitness levels, personal goals and personal schedule. The beautiful park settings helps to relax your mind, removing daily stress’s and strains whilst invigorating you with fresh air and stunning scenery.

The Green Park is one of the beautiful Royal Parks of London, and is located in the City of Westminster, between St. James’s Park and Hyde Park. This park, which was once used as a swampy burial ground by St. James’s Hospital, for its many lepers, is now alive and energized with many visitors who enjoy the grassy area for picnics, the track for getting in shape, and the local refreshment stalls that dot the area for a quick snack in the park. It is a beautiful place to enjoy nature and work on your fitness goals with your personal trainer.

Green Park Personal Trainer

Green Park has a rich history, and you can feel it as you walk the grounds. First owned by the Poulteney family, who surrendered an area of the estate known as Sandpit Field to Charles II in 1668, this beautiful park is enclosed with a brick wall and is lined with beautiful walks that were laid out by King Charles II himself. As you and your Green Park personal trainer walk through Green Park, you can soak up the inspiration of a place so well drenched in history and use it as motivation for your workout.

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