Get the best arms in the office with these tricep exercises

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Get the best arms in the office with these tricep exercises

Exercises for triceps

Business is all about who you know rather than what you know, however it has also been proven that the way you look increases your chances of getting promoted and progressing in your organisation.

The way your body looks also ties in directly with how you look, but also if you feel you look and feel strong it can also help you to exude confidence.

One of the most important things to having a powerful looking physique is your arms. I’m not saying that a big wide chest isn’t useful, but the arms represent power and strength.

Tricep exercises

In this video I am going to share some of the best exercises you can do to train your triceps muscles, which are the muscles at the back of your arms.

Some of these exercises you will be able to do at work at your desk. Some of them you can do at your gym or even outdoors.

I have included a mix of with and without equipment, as well as varying the level of difficulty so that there are exercises you can do no matter what your fitness levels are.

Some tips to building powerful arms:

Remember that you are going to need to lift heavy. At the beginning for at least 4 weeks use lighter weights and do between 15-20 repetitions.

After the first four weeks decrease the repetitions and increase the weight you are lifting. Aim for between 8-12 repetitions to build bigger triceps.

Go to failure


If you complete a set of 12 repetitions, but could probably do another 3 or more reps at the end of your set than the weight is too light.

The last 3 reps of the 12 should feel so difficult that you may even fail. The mistake that most people make is that 12 reps feels comfortable, and doesn’t force the body to need to change.

Topic: Exercises for triceps

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