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Get A Flatter Tummy In Just 12 Weeks Or Your Money Back!

Start your 7 day FREE trial to learn new weight loss habits and begin an exercise plan to help you get:

  • Flatter stomach so that you can look better when you see yourself in the mirror
  • Smaller waist so that you can feel proud of your curves
  • 2-6% drop in body fat so that you feel healthier and feel young again
  • Fit into old tight fitting clothes again
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Here are some of the improvements you could experience in just 12 weeks

  • Improved gut health so that you improve digestion to accelerate weight loss
  • Stop bloating so that your belly does not protrude to make you potentially look like your pregnant
  • Improved energy levels so that your not tired all the time and can spend quality time with your family and friends.
  • Improved self-esteem so that you don’t feel like people are looking at you funny because of what you’re wearing
  • Feel fuller and prevent cravings for fatty foods so that you naturally eat healthier foods without missing the “bad foods”
  • Improved flexibility so that you have better posture, improved circulation and less joint pain.

Get Ready For HUGE Changes In The Shape Of Your Body - Guaranteed

Or your money back

"It was excellent to work with someone who was interested in me as an individual and what my needs were rather than trying to make me do a programme that had worked for someone else but wouldn’t necessarily be right for me."
Gemma 2
Gemma Turner
I have lost 2.5stone in 3 months and I will honestly say its all because of Gerald. Though I will say count your own reps because Gerald will sneak a couple of extras in without you noticing. Thanks Gerald for all your Help.
Caroline Renell
Marketing Director
I have always wanted to lose weight, but I have never been able to motivate myself to exercise or stick to a diet that could help me lose weight. That was until I met Gerald.
Sonja Taylor
SEO Marketing Manager

Weight Loss Transformation For Women Over 35

I am only looking to work with women over 35 who are serious about changing their bodies. 

You will get to tone your stomach, lose fat from around your hips, look good in a bikini, reduce stress, sleep better, increase your energy levels and feel attractive again.

P.s. in 12 weeks’ time you could still have a flabby tummy and big thighs or you could have sexy firmer legs, bums and Thais that look great in your favourite dress. You Decide!