Find A Personal Trainer London

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Find a personal trainer London

There are many ways to find a personal trainer in London. There are key search terms that you can use to find a London personal trainer in Google.
There are also dedicated personal trainer directories that list personal trainers. Lastly there are review sites that show you how a personal trainers services have been rated.
We will look at all 3 sources and show you how to get the most out of each one.

Find a personal trainer London using review sites

There are a few major review sites that list personal trainers.

There are many more review sites that you can use, but these ones are probably the biggest and best.
For instance, have over 970 London personal trainers listed on their site, and many of them have reviews of the services.
970 personal trainers may be a bit too much too sort through so you can break it down further by specifying an area of London.
For instance, you can search for personal trainers in Kensington only, or Mayfiar.
Review sites are probably the best way to search for trainers as solid reviews give you a greater peace of mind.
It is important too know that some of these directories charge a price and the personal trainers that decide to pay for a premium listing will get more exposure.
This type of bias may not be ideal when looking for the best personal trainer.

Fitness directories

The best fitness directory is probably the national register of personal trainers (NRPT) They have over 150 personal trainers listed.
There search function allows you to search by post code, by sex, by price range, type of location they train at (gym, home, outdoors), you can even search by a trainers name if you alreadu know one.
It is important to know that not all fitness directories are free, so not every personal trainer will have signed up for a directory.
As a result you may not be getting a full selection of all the personal trainers available.
Other personal training directories
Toplocal trainer

Joining a gym

Joining a gym is a great way to find a personal trainer. All personal trainers have to be qualified and have their own insurance.
If you stumble on a personal trainers website it is easy for them to write some fake testimonials and to pretend that they have the right qualifications to train you.
If you join a gym there will be a variety of different personal trainers with different skills, different personalities and different philosophies.
Depending on whether they are employed by the gym or self employed will also make a difference as to how much they can charge.
If they are employed they will get a fix percentage of the money that you pay for your session. The gym will also have one fixed price.
If they are self employed they will pay the gym a fixed amount of money each month and charge what they want.

Performing a Google search

Performing a google search is probably the best way to find a personal trainer as Google has no bias to there trainers.
Google make it clear as to which personal trainers are paying for ads and which personal trainers are ranked naturaly by Google.
Once upon a time it was easy for personal trainers to manipulate search and rank high. However, those days are gone. The only personal trainers ranking in the top twenty are repuatable personal trainers.

How do you know which is the best personal trainer London?

Once you have decided what platform you want to use and you have narrowed it down to a few, you now have to think about what type of personal training you want.
Do you want a personal trainer to help you with weight loss, sports specific training, an injury, boxing training?
Are you a special population?
There are personal trainers that specialise in pre and post natal fitness, personal training for teenagers and even personal training for the over 50’s.
What style of trainer do you want?
Do you want a personal trainer that is going to push you till you bleed, do you want a personal trainer who is going to be more caring like a mentor?
Do you want a young trainer who is under 25 or would you prefer a trainer who is over 35 and has more life experience?
Where do you want to train?
Some trainers that are based in gyms may also train you outside of the gym. Some personal trainers provide personal training online. You need to decide this before narrowing down your search.
Here are some tips before you make some payment:

  • See if your trainer offers a FREE session or a trial session that is heavily discounted from there normal price.
  • Ask them for references of previous clients.
  • Check that they have insurance
  • Ask them for proof of qualifications


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