Fats and Sugars – Is Sugar Worse Than Fats?

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is sugar worse than fat

Fats and Sugars – Is Sugar Worst Then Fats?

We all know that eating saturated fat is bad for us, and that obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure (all forms of coronary vascular disease {CVD} are high in the UK and worldwide.
The question is, is it just down to the amount of saturated fat (SFA) in our food? Eskimos consume a high saturated fat diet and have a low prevalence of obesity, heart disease and other health related diseases.
Also, the amount of saturated fat we eat in our food has been reduced over the last 20 years in the UK, which means other factors are responsible for these health related problems.

How much sugar is in foods?

One of the major causes of health related diseases and weight gain are the amounts of sugar in food. The amount of SFA in our foods has been reduced, while sugar content has been increased.
Sugars can be found fizzy drinks, sausages, crisps (Pringles), pizza, sausages and it is unlikely this is a coincidence. Also, many low fat ready meals are high in sugar, but are these meals healthy?
fats and sugars

Sugar and insulin

Sugar affects the amount of insulin you release into your blood stream. Your body needs to control the amount of sugar you have in your blood.
People with type 2 diabetes (a high blood sugar disease) don’t die from diabetes itself, they often die because their blood sugar levels get so high that the sugar in their blood coats their organs, causing the organs to almost suffocate and lose function.
It’s when a particular organ is damaged and fails that their health will deteriorate.
is sugar worse than fat

The affect of insulin on your body

When you eat foods that are high in simple sugars (doughnuts, fizzy drinks, chocolates), your blood sugar is raised extremely high and your body feels compelled to lower your blood sugar levels as quickly as it can.
Your body panics and releases  as much insulin (reduces blood sugar levels)  as it can, which causes the blood sugar to go from very high, back down to normal levels.
However, it keeps falling till it causes the blood sugar levels to fall to an undesirably low level.
Once it falls to this low level the body feels compelled to raise your blood sugar levels up as fast as it can, and your body craves something sweet.
Once you eat something sweet you will start the cycle again and are likely to keep repeating this cycle of eating sweet foods to raise your blood sugar levels only for it to fall causing you to eat something sweet again.

Controlling your blood sugar levels

This is something that you may experience on a daily basis, and you may feel that your energy levels throughout the day are affected.
There are major health related issues associated with this yo-yo affect on your blood sugar levels, and craving sweet foods could be a sign that you need to have better control of your blood sugar.
However, it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily unhealthy because you need a number of other factors for it to be a concern, but breaking this cycle can help you lose weight.
why are fats and sugars bad for you

The effect of free radicals on your health

Other issues that affect your health are not eating enough fruit and vegetables, as these contain anti-oxidants which combat free radicals.
Your cells are attacked and destabilized by free radicals which roam round your body.
Anti oxidants help to neutralize free radicals and in the process they help to fight against the ageing process, help reduce the fat in your arteries, and helps reduce your blood pressure.

You must eat fats to avoid weight gain and maintain health!

You must also make sure you eat polyunsaturated fat, which can be found in fish oils, vegetable oils to name a few.
It’s important to eat good fats in your diet, as some key vitamins are stored in your fat cells, and all the cells in your body are made of fats, not to mention that we are made of millions of cells.
Having your cells lined with quality fat like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat is the equivalent of having a table built with oak wood.
That’s not to say that your body doesn’t need saturated fats though, but everything must be in moderation. The old saying of “you are what you eat” is very true.
What’s your diet like? Do you feel that throughout the day you need something sweet to pick you up and keep you going? Please leave a comment below.

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