Core Strength Exercises For Ski Season

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Core Strength Exercises For Ski Season

Exercises for ski season
Ski season is upon us. Time to hit the slopes, but if you want to ski harder and faster than your mates and impress the Snow Bunnies you need to prepare your body for the challenge

You know that skiing requires leg strength, but the CORE of your body is where your power strength and balance are generated.
The legs are important and require training, but core strengthening is also essential to strong and injury-free skiing.

The Benefits of doing core strength exercises

Athletes with greater core strength and stability have a lower risk of injury, a strong core can do the same for you.
So, what is this core? Many people think of their core as only being their abs, not so.
Your core is a complex set of muscles (including your abdominals) that move in three dimensions and extend from your pelvis to your diaphragm.

Why should I do core strength exercises?

core training exercises
Your core stabilizes and protects your spine and also helps support, move and rotate your hips.
Can you see where incorporating core training (strengthening) could vastly improve your ability to ski?
Core exercises focus on stabilization, endurance, flexibility and strengthening of the core muscles.
Core exercises train the lower abdomen and hip flexors, the obliques, the spine and back muscles and their associated stabilizing muscles, and glutes.
Core exercises train these muscles groups to work together to maintain balance, agility, posture, and movement.
The best core exercises for skiing involve rotary or rotational exercises.
Here are two examples of rotational core training exercises that you should include in your fitness program.

List of Best Core Strength Exercises For The Ski Season

1-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press Sounds simple, but this exercise helps correct muscle imbalances.
Start with one dumbbell in your left OR right hand, back flat on the bench and feet firmly on the floor.
Now tighten your entire ‘core’ and perform 10 reps. Your core is stabilizing your body against the rotational and asymmetrical forces on your body produced by the single DB.
Once complete, lower the DB and switch hands and repeat. Too easy? Increase the weight OR replace the bench with a strong stability ball.
Rotational Medicine Ball Throw This exercise requires a tough medicine ball and either a partner or a solid wall. Let’s use the wall as an example.
Stand perpendicular to the wall with your left elbow pointing towards the wall. Now rotate from the hips LEFT and bounce the medicine ball off the wall and catch it.
Immediately rotate from the hips but now RIGHT and bounce the ball off the wall again. Catch and repeat alternating left, right, left. Strength plus rotation equals power with stability.
You can also perform cable rotations or chops including beating a tire repeatedly with a sledge hammer.
Core strength exercises for ski season

What type of equipment should I use to do exercises for the ski season?

Use stability balls, balance discs, medicine balls, and free weights in your exercise routine to improve your core strength.
Any exercise you perform with a barbell can be improved with dumbbells, the dumbbells require you to engage your core muscles and spine to stabilize them.
You can adapt almost any traditional exercise by including variations that challenge your balance, stability, and strength.
To improve your performance on the slopes, move beyond the crunches and sit ups to train your core.
Endless crunches and sit ups won’t strengthen your core or give you more defined abs, and they can be hazardous to your back and spine.

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