Cheap Personal Trainer: Is A Cheap Personal Trainer Worth It?

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Cheap personal trainerIs a cheap personal trainer worth it?

A Cheap personal trainer may be all you can afford, but is it worth it?
When trying to find a personal trainer people often opt for a cheap personal trainer as they
may see it as an “economic” option, but is that really the best choice for you?
This write up serves to enlighten people who need a personal trainer on what some of the best options are on a limited budget.
It will also help to explain some of the pros and cons you face when your budget is limited.

The benefits of a personal trainer

A personal trainer should be the go to person when you need some extra motivation when you are trying to achieve your fitness goal.
Personal trainers can specialize in a wide a variety of disciplines. For example, some may specialize in marathon preparation, rehabilitation, weight loss, sports performance or even nutrition.
It can be difficult trying to get the right trainer for you based on your goals, and your personality so you have to do your research to find the right one.
If you are on a limited budget it becomes extremely difficult to find the right personal trainer for you, as a cheap personal trainer may not be a good personal trainer.
I’m not saying its impossible to find a good and cheap personal trainer…….
But it is very difficult. There a few choices for you.

One to one training with a cheap personal trainer

If you are looking for a cheap personal trainer to work with one to one in a physical location like your house, park or gym try this:

  • Do a google search for cheap personal trainer or personal trainer near me and
  • Send Emails to 10-12 different personal trainers asking for quotes.
  • You can then choose a cheap personal trainer from the 3 that come in at the cheapest price
  • You may also be able to haggle on price with them to get the cheapest price.

Reasons why a cheap personal trainer might not be worth it

Your health is at stake
If you need a car for your business or your personal life do you buy the cheapest car that money can buy?
The answer is probably no……
There is normally a reason why a car is going cheap.
However, there are always exception to the rule. For instance, there may be a situation when someone is leaving the country and they just want a quick sale of their great car.
When this happens, you get a bargain.
When choosing a cheap personal trainer, you may also get a bargain. However, often when you buy something for cheap it is because it is of low quality.
In the example of the cheap car it may break down after two weeks. Something similar may happen to you if you choose a chap personal trainer. For example:

  • He may end up injuring you.
  • He may not be able to get you the results you want

These are great risks to take with your health, so if you can you should pay the extra money and avoid a cheap personal trainer.

Other disadvantages of a cheap personal trainer.


  • They may not be a certified personal trainer
  • They may not have the best qualifications in the industry
  • They may be unreliable
  • They may steal your money and not deliver the sessions.


Why should you avoid a cheap personal trainer?

A cheap personal trainer will charge less for there service but they wont be able to afford to reinvest their money back into their business to pay for the best courses.
As a result a cheap personal trainer may be using training methods that are outdated.
Only a top personal trainer will have the best qualifications. A cheap personal trainer will probably have average qualifications.

What will a good personal trainer do for you?

Sometimes you don’t attach the correct value between what a cheap personal trainer offers and charges compared to everyone else. This maybe because you don’t know what a good personal trainer does.
Apart from the one to one personal training sessions a good personal trainer will:

  • Prepare each session
  • Plan objectives
  • Measure and analyse progress
  • Prepare your complementary work routine
  • Analyse your diet
  • Find out how you are executing your training
  • Answer your questions

Always remember that his/her price is not only for the time they spend with you. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that you won’t see.

Risk of injury

We spoke about the risk of injury earlier. I want to elaborate a bit more on this point. We all know that physical exercise is good for you.
However, there may be some contraindications (health problems) for you that will affect how you should exercise.
if these contraindications are not managed properly it can cause injuries. A cheap personal trainer may increase your risk of injury through malpractice.
Some examples malpractices can be:

  • Performing excessively demanding sessions without preparing you
  • Making you perform exercises for which you are not technically or physically prepared
  • Experiencing back pain or joint pain on a regular basis when you train
  • Training without any form of order (Irregularly) without clear objectives
  • Training without him/her inquiring about your health status or not performing any initial test to know if you are in the best condition to train.

If you hire a cheap personal trainer and they do any of the above things, consider quitting training with him for the benefit of your health.

Expense vs Investment

Finally, remember that this is an investment in your health. When you choose a good personal trainer over a chap personal trainer you can expect the following:

  • Improvement in the quality of your quality of life
  • Improved confidence in your appearance
  • Improved health
  • Better energy
  • Less aches and pains

If you think the cost of hiring a personal trainer is too great, consider some of the semi private options that can help you lower the price, such as:

  • Dual personal training (you and a friend)
  • Group personal training with a few friends to share the cost
  • Online personal training


Online personal training

This is the cheapest option if you want to work one to one with a world class personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.

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