How boxing training can help with weight loss for busy professionals

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How boxing training can help with weight loss for busy professionals

Weight loss busy schedule

Weight loss for busy professionals with boxing training.

Corporate boxing events, also known as white-collar boxing, continue to grow in popularity here in London and across the UK.

Perhaps you have even entered the ring at one of these charity events to uphold your honor and that of your company?

Regardless of your future intentions to enter the ring or cheer on your mates from ringside, you can get fit, and build a ripped and lean body through boxing training.

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Weight loss for busy professionals

Boxing fitness training develops high levels of strength, endurance, speed, agility, coordination and power.

Boxing fitness incorporates all of these athletic skills without the physical contact or a fist in the face.

How does this help weight loss for busy professionals?

Boxing training sessions are a type of HIIT workout, which means it can be done in JUST 20 minutes. See my previous article on HIIT, to find out more.

A typical boxing workout stimulates all of your muscle groups, and provide the perfect balance of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise.

Boxing training fitness is a type of HIIT training method

Boxers have been practicing and developing circuit training and HIIT training for decades.

A fitness boxing workout will get anyone with the necessary desire and dedication into the best shape of their lives.

Boxing training

An example of a boxing training session to fit around any busy schedule!

A typical boxing workout usually includes short timed sessions (called rounds) with short rest intervals in between as shown below:

  • 5 minute warmup on the stationary bike or laps around the gym or track.
  • 5 sets of 2-minute steady jump rope to complete your warm up and start your cardio.
  • 3 3-minute rounds on the heavy bag.
  • 3 2-minute rounds of speed bag or speedball work and cardio, cycling 30 seconds of punching with the speed bag and 30 seconds of speed rope work.
  • 3 minutes of core and abdominal work – one minute planks, one minute medicine ball rotations, and one minute of weighted leg lifts.
  • 3 minutes of strength training – one minute of medicine ball squats, one minute of weighted walking lunges, and one minute of alternating pushups on the medicine ball. Rolling the medicine ball between your hands for each pushup.
  • 3 minutes power work – with battle ropes and kettlebells if available.
  • 3 3-minute lower body drills including short intense sprints and plyometrics
  • 3 3-minute Partner drills using focus mitts and gloves. If you have a partner or trainer available, take turns training with these padded mitts as targets to improve hand-eye coordination and hand speed + reaction times.
  • If time allows, Repeat your heavy bag training.
  • If time allows, repeat your speed bag and speedball training.
  • 5-minute cool down with slow steady jump rope or stationary bike.

You should be able to complete this boxing fitness workout in one hour and in that time you will burn AT LEAST 800-1000 calories!

How to lose weight with a busy lifestyle

If you are near a gym, training center or facility with a heavy bag and speed bag, the only equipment you will need to purchase is a set of hand wraps to protect your knuckles.

Find an instructor or trainer to teach you how to properly wrap your hands and wrists. Preferably a personal trainer with a boxing background.

If you are serious about training but need to workout at home, start with handwraps, then a good leather or professional grade jump rope (speed rope).

Your next purchase should be a weighted medicine ball and then a floor mounted standing speed bag or speed ball. Finally, when you training progresses, add your heavy bag.

There are several suppliers who specialize in boxing training equipment who can help you equip your home boxing gym.

If you are interested in working one to one with a trainer to show you how to box for fitness click here

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What are your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

Have you ever tried boxing training yourself or is it something that you have been thinking of doing? Let me know if you have any questions, or feel free to write your comments and views 🙂

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