Legs Workout For Runners

Legs Workout For Runners Running workout for legs – What Are The Best Muscles To Train? Legs workout for runners – Most of us spend 8 hours a day sitting on our bums at work. This isn’t a problem for most people, but as a runner your killing the posterior chain. By sitting down on your but all day you are weakening your glutes muscles, tightening your hip flexors and

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How to run faster

How to run faster? How to run faster – running is a combination of mechanics (movement) and physiology (fitness). The mechanical side, also known as biomechanics, looks at footwear and ground reaction force. The physiology side looks at how you can improve your body’s heart and lungs ability to provide oxygen to the working muscles. In order to improve as a runner, you must look at the biomechanics and physiology

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Core Stability For Runners.

  Core Stability For Runners Core stability for runners – The glutes are one of the biggest muscles in the body. Yet it receives little attention compared to the lower abdominals. Gerald Smith examines the significance of this power house muscle.   The abdominal muscles Core stability for runners has been commonly prescribed for people with lower back pain and to improve performance. It is an area poorly understood and

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Running but not losing weight

Running But Not Losing Weight   Running but not losing weight – Scientific research has proven that running to lose weight is a very effective way to lose excess body weight. In combination with a calorie-monitored and balanced diet, running can help you effectively speed up the rate at which your body burns fat. Nonetheless, it’s easier said than done. If you want to lose weight effectively by running, but

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Weight lifting For distance runners

Weight lifting for distance runners Weight lifting for distance runners – If your running routine is becoming monotonous, you are regularly getting the same injuries, or you are not becoming a faster runner; you may want to consider strength training. When you think about ways to become a faster runner you may think that getting out on the road and getting as many miles under your belt as possible is

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9 Running Tips for Managing Bad Knees

  9 Running Tips for Managing Bad Knee Running tips for bad knees – Feeling sore or stiff in the legs after running is not always a sign of injury, it could be that your body is just adapting to the new physical stress. If you have developed knee pain recently or you are recovering from a recent injury I will talk about what to do later on in this

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5 Minute Core Workouts For Runners: 3 Five Minute Killer Core Workouts

Three 5 Minute Core Workouts For Runners 5 minute core workouts – Most people claim that they simply don’t have enough time for exercising. The truth is you don’t need a whole lot of time to exercise.   If you want to strengthen your abdomen and improve your core, then these simple 5 minute core workouts are going to be all that you need.   Everyone wants a quick workout

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Core Exercises For Runners: The ABC’s Of Core Training For Runners

Core exercises for runners Core exercises for runners is more than having a good looking six pack, the core muscles are linked to your posture. Core exercises for runners is important because when muscles are short and tight they pull joints into incorrect positions. For example, in the diagram below the muscles in the back of the legs are overly strong and dominant. This causes the pelvis to be pulled

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How to use running to lose weight fast and burn belly fat easily

Running to lose weight for beginners Running to lose weight for beginners – Running is an amazing way to burn body fat to lose weight. It is particularly good for burning that stubborn belly fat that is hard to move. Running will also help to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles as well, once you have developed core strength. However, if you are running regularly but you are finding that

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How Long To Run 5k? – 5k Training Plan With 7 Simple 5k Running Tips

How Long To Run 5k? How long to run 5k? That depends on your running speed, technique and the 5K training plan you use. It takes a while to run a good 5k time. Good 5k runners will complete the distance in under 20 minutes. There are many training factors you can use to increase your running speed. The below guide will give you a rough idea of how long

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25 Exercises for legs at home

25 exercises for legs at home Exercises for legs at home are easier to do then you realize. You may think to yourself that you need to use the TRX or kettlebells to get great shaped legs but that isn’t true. The only thing you will need for exercises for legs at home is just your own body weight and perhaps some old tea towels that you may have lying

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Find A Personal Trainer

How to Find a personal trainer? There are many ways to find a personal trainer. There are key search terms that you can use to find a personal trainer in Google. There are also dedicated personal trainer directories that list personal trainers. Lastly there are review sites that show you how a personal trainers services have been rated. We will look at all 3 sources and show you how to

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Gerald has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise, Nutrition & Health. He is an ASA qualified swimming teacher, and a qualified personal trainer. Gerald has developed his own exclusion diet, which he uses to help his clients lose weight.