Best Surface To Run On: Top 10 Best Surfaces To Run On

Best Surface To Run On Best surface to run on – The beauty of running lies in the fact that it’s possible to run on any surface, no matter where you are. If you’ve got healthy feet, there’s no real problem with training anywhere. However, not every surface is meant for training. It is important to tailor your session to the location you are in since the impact and stresses

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TRX Core Workout

TRX Core Workout TRX core workout. If you are looking to be defined and stronger in your core, you need to strap up and step up. I mean With the TRX suspension trainer straps. If you think that bodyweight training can leave you sore, then you need to try the TRX! You’ll think twice about bending down to pick up something you have dropped on the floor. This piece of

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5 Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer Picking a Suitable Personal Trainer Soon after you decide to engage in some fitness exercises and improve your health, you’ll need to find a qualified personal trainer that’s appropriate for you. Begin by clearly outlining your fitness and health goals to serve as a selection criteria. After you have selected those that meet your goals, you can move on to compare their rates

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Kettlebell Arm Workout

Kettlebell arm workout Not many people think about doing a kettlebell arm workout. When you normally consider what your options are for an arm workout you may think about what dumbbell or barbell exercises you are going to do. Many of the exercises will end up being the same or similar in motion. If you were to do an overhead triceps extension it would be the same. However, the way

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Peripheral Heart Action Training (PHA)

Peripheral heart action training (PHA) for weight loss Peripheral heart action training (pha training)– One of the key things when your trying to lose weight is not just to work hard but to work smart. You can do this by finding new and challenging ways to take your body to the next level. Peripheral heart action training is a way that you can do this as you will shock the

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Weight Loss Tips For Men

One Simple Weight Loss Tip MEN Can Apply Weight loss for men – a lot of people don’t realise that there is a link between sleep and weight loss. We spend one third of our life sleeping so it has to be extremely important. During sleep we release hormones to physically repair and recharge us, but we also release hormones to psychologically restore our cognitive function and your neural function.

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Benefits of drinking distilled water

Benefits of drinking distilled water What is distilled water? Benefits of drinking distilled water – Distilled water has gone through a purification process that involves boiling water until it becomes steam. After it is boiled and becomes steamed it is allowed to cool and return from a gas into a liquid. During this process all inorganic minerals are removed as well as heavy metals. Is distilled water safe? Drinking distilled

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Personal trainer cost

Personal trainer cost Personal trainer cost – You have reached a point where training for yourself is not giving you the result you expect, or simply because you need a professional to show you how to train to achieve a particular goal. At this point, you start to think about personal trainer cost and like any personalised service, the prices that should be paid can vary depending on who is

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Core exercises for runners

Core exercises for runners Core exercises for runners is more than having a good looking six pack, the core muscles are linked to your posture. Core exercises for runners is important because when muscles are short and tight they pull joints into incorrect positions. For example, in the diagram below the muscles in the back of the legs are overly strong and dominant. This causes the pelvis to be pulled

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How to buy running shoes

How to buy running shoes How to buy running shoes – There isn’t a ‘perfect shoe’ in the world. People have different biomechanics, weight, uses for their shoes, and differently-shaped feet, which means that what is best for one person will be another person’s worst nightmare! Here, I’ve divided the shoes into 4 primary categories – minimalist, neutral, performance, and stability to help you understand how to buy running shoes.

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Strength training for distance runners

Strength training for distance runners Strength Training For Distance Runners Program- What Are The Best Muscles To Train? Strength training for distance runners – Most of us spend 8 hours a day sitting on our bums at work. This isn’t a problem for most people, but as a runner your killing the posterior chain. By sitting down on your but all day you are weakening your glutes muscles, tightening your

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Hill Sprints

Hill Sprints – Ultimate guide to hill Sprints Hill sprints – Do you live near a beautiful landscape that’s dotted with braes, pikes and, tors? If that’s the case, you can start your journey to master hill sprints right away! However, remember that your perception – which involves running up & down a hill – can be vastly different compared to the general running population when doing hill sprints. Hill

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Gerald has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise, Nutrition & Health. He is an ASA qualified swimming teacher, and a qualified personal trainer. Gerald has developed his own exclusion diet, which he uses to help his clients lose weight.