Best public places to work out in Central London

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workout in london

Best public places to work out in Central London

If you’ve been in an air-conditioned office all day than perhaps the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. Particularly if you work in central London.
It seems that all the gyms in central London are underground, and have no natural light coming in. Also, you have to deal with the congestion, queuing for equipment, etc.
Therefore, it is great to just go outside and be one with nature. You’ve spent enough time indoors at work so get outside.
I am going to share my top 3 locations in central London for outdoor training. You won’t need to bring any equipment to train in these places.
All you will need is just some suitable clothing for the following activities:

GPS coordinates: 51.5313° N, 0.1570° W
South London
Regents Park is one of London’s royal parks. It is 410.2 acres in size. There is 100 acres of the park dedicated to sports pitches, to support sports like football, touch rugby, ultimate Frisbee and many more.
What also makes this a great park to train in is the fact that it has 6 running routes that you can use whether you are a beginner or advanced.
Here are the six running routes:
Beginner runs

  • The hub run – 35
  • Avenue gardens run – 1.97 km

Intermediate runs

  • Lakeside run – 2.81 km
  • Outer circle run – 4.45 km


  • Primrose Hill run – 1.9 km
  • The Regents Park run – 6.36 km


GPS coordinates: 51.5039° N, 0.1439° W
Green park is boasts 47 acres of open space and is located between St James Park and Hyde Park. Although Green Park is not as big as Regents Park it is more peaceful.
Due to the peaceful nature of the park it makes it easy to disconnect from the world and workout in peace.
There are no dedicated running routes like in Green park, but you can HIIT training, short sprints or boxing pad work with a friend.

Hyde park
GPS coordinates: 51.5073° N, 0.1657° W
This park has one of the most beautiful pieces of scenery in London. The park is 352 acres in size, while Kensington gardens is 111 acres in size. The two combined are 625 acres.
Some of the leisure activities you can do in this park are horse riding, tennis, rowing and peddle boating.
You can also swim in the Serpentine between June to September between the times of 10 am to 6pm. The open water swimming facility covers an area of 30 meters x 100 meter.
After your swim, you can go to the Lido café bar to have a snack, tea or just to relax.
You are also allowed to run and cycle on any of the pathways in the park, and with the acres of grass available you can also find a spot to do some bodyweight exercises.

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