5 Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer

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5 Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer

Picking a Suitable Personal Trainer

Soon after you decide to engage in some fitness exercises and improve your health, you’ll need to find a qualified personal trainer that’s appropriate for you.

Begin by clearly outlining your fitness and health goals to serve as a selection criteria. After you have selected those that meet your goals, you can move on to compare their rates while considering your budget. Several personal trainers offer free services for their first hour, meaning you can get to try out a few different trainers.

How do you know your personal trainer is qualified?

Ensure they have a personal trainer certification which is nationally recognized. Several qualifications are obtainable for personal trainers, including a degree in Personal Training and a Level 3 Personal Trainer Certification.

Recognized trainers can guarantee your safety during their training sessions. They can guide on the warm up patterns of athletes so as to reduce the possibility of injury.

Your objectives should be the main focus during the major part of your training session, which should be specially suited to you by your trainer.

Finally, it is essential to stretch through the recovery session so as not to get injured.

How to Search Online For a Suitable Personal Trainer

Besides referrals, you can also search online for personal trainers and be able to compare them from the comfort of your home.

In order to decide correctly, consider the following:

  1. Are you qualified to coach? What experience do you have?
  2. What do you specialize in? Who are your regular clients?
  3. Do you offer home services?
  4. Are you insured?
  5. Do you give free taster sessions?
  6. What is the duration and cost of a session?
  7. What is your payment method?
  8. What’s your schedule like? Is it flexible?

Though these may appear somewhat forward, having this information is important so as to decide a suitable trainer for you.

Online searches gives you the opportunity to compare services and rates, as well as qualifications and proximity to you.

Why Get a Personal Trainer Rather Than Visit The Gym?

Choosing between the gym and getting a personal trainer can be quite confusing. Here’s some tips to help you decide properly.

Personal training is focused on the specific person and their goals. Its advantages include:

  1. Personalization – More focus regarding your training sessions.
  2. Motivation – You will receive encouragement and be motivated by your personal trainer to do things that you didn’t know you could.
  3. Save time – Your personal trainer will come to you.
  4. Advice – From the beginning to the end, your personal trainer will ensure safe exercises.

However, some disadvantages to this are worthy of note:

  • Limited equipment – An entire gym cannot be brought to your home.
  • Cost – It’s more expensive to have a personal trainer than to register in a gym.

The advantages of registering in a gym include:

Numerous equipment – Many different machine are typically present in a gym of which you can make use of. A good gym also has recent equipment.

Relaxation areas – Standard gyms also have pools, steam rooms, and saunas.

Cheaper cost – For a steady monthly rate, sport centers and gyms offer their equipment for use and group courses.

Longer opening hours – Gyms typically operate most of the day as well as on the weekends.

Socialize – A sports center or gym is a good place to meet with people who have interests in similar sports as you.

Here too, there are some disadvantages:

Travelling – You must be able to get to the gym.

Public place – You can rarely get alone time here.

Motivation – Motivating yourself might be difficult, and this lack of motivation is responsible for many people quitting the gym.

Gym trainers are mostly occupied with many people, therefore increasing the risk of injury to yourself.

Other considerations

What is the hourly rate of a personal trainer?

The honest answer is that it varies.

The hourly rate of a personal trainer London may be considered high to some people. The hourly rate of a personal trainer will vary dramatically across the UK. It will dependent on a few factors.

Although cost should not be the number one factor when deciding to hire a personal trainer London, I do understand that some people may have a budget.

This article is written to help you to understand the factors that determine price, in order to ensure that you get the best personal trainer London at an hourly rate appropriate for you.

Every personal trainer London whether they are new or experienced will find working out how much they should charge difficult.

There is a strong despite to avoid underselling, but at the same time no personal trainer wants to price themselves out of the market to potential clients.

Every personal trainer will consider a few things when setting their price. I have been able to speak to several personal trainers throughout the UK, London and have checked the prices of other Twickenham personal trainers to give an answer to how much does a personal trainer cost?


Personal trainer cost is going to vary based on where a PT is located in the country.

In the London area for example some of the personal trainer cost for some of the most highly qualified trainers is £200 an hour.

However, personal trainer cost outside of London is at little as £15 per hour. The average personal trainer cost per hour across the UK will be £30 an hour while in London personal trainer cost will average £50 per hour.

My hourly rate is £65 per hour depending on which package you buy, while personal trainer cost with of the other Twickenham personal trainers is £50.

However, I have personally seen personal trainer cost of £85 per hour in central London. This is a price that a friend of mine set.

The highest personal trainer cost that I have heard about is a personal trainer who charges £1000 per hour. He worked exclusively with multi-millionaires and billionaires.


Another thing that will determine personal trainer cost is the demand for services in that area. If an area has many celebrities that live their this will affect price.

Celebrities will not want to work with a trainer that is not exclusive. They wont look for the cheapest personal trainer. They will look for the best and the best personal trainers are expensive.

Another reason why demand will be higher in some areas is that you may also find that people are more health conscious in a particular area and are willing to invest in a good personal trainer.

As a result the personal trainer cost for the best personal trainers will be higher in those areas because the services of a skilled personal trainer will be appreciated.


This is normally the key to why personal trainer cost differs so much. Once a personal trainer has experience and has expanded their skill set they can get better and faster results for their clients.

The cost of personal training course are £800 and upwards. The only way for trainers to recoup this money and to keep investing in themselves is to put their prices up.

Experience brings confidence, and experience brings better results. Personal trainer cost normally reflects the skill and confidence a personal trainer has about themselves.


The skillset of a personal trainer is very important, but if there is a lot of competition this will determine how much a personal trainer will charge per hour.

Some skilled personal trainers with unique specialisms may charge more than the other trainers in their area as they know that they are offering a unique type of service.

Other personal trainers may charge less because they have not got such a unique skill set and as a result are not able to compete with some of the best personal trainers in your location.

You may find that these personal trainers are setting a low hourly rate and they may not be as busy as some of the other personal trainers who are well skilled.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in your local gym as opposed to on the internet you may find that the gym sets the price at the same rate for each personal trainer.


In addition to a personal trainer having a good set of skills he or she will also have numerous business expenses that they need to factor into their fee.

For example, on my gold package I factor in the time that it will take to write programs and to give nutrition plans to my clients.

I have to factor in the time it takes me to get to someone’s home, the cost of travel. Other personal trainers have to pay rent to a gym.

In the London area gym rent can be anywhere from £500 to £1000 per month. Sometimes personal training studios ask for an hourly rate to use their space.

Other costs are the costs that we all have to think about. Business costs like national insurance, VAT and national insurance.

Lastly, personal trainers have to factor in any cost for the equipment that they use, personal trainer insurance in case a client gets injured or in case your equipment gets damaged.

PT’s also need to renew first aid qualifications every few years as well.


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