Become the office stud with these exercise tips for office workers

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Exercise tips for office workers – Test match cricket shoulder exercises


19589536_lEngland play south africa in Cricket from the 26th to 30th of December. Modern cricket is much more physically demanding than at any time in the past.
The current levels of fielding requires a cricket player to have strong shoulders to make direct hits at the stumps.
A weak player will not survive against today’s strong and conditioned players.
Do you want to hit harder, throw more powerfully, and bowl faster all while reducing the incidence of injury –

Get strong shoulders and avoid injury

Shoulder training can help you do that. Big, strong shoulders attract the ladies as well!
Many muscles make up the shoulder and all are involved in shoulder movement. Cricket bowling action puts stress on the shoulder joints
So strengthening and stabilizing exercises of the rotator cuff are especially important.
The rotator cuff muscles (Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis and Teres Minor) are small muscles situated around the shoulder joint.
So in addition to training for shoulder SIZE, consider training to strengthen and stabilize as well.

What type of exercises do I need to train the shoulders?

A good shoulder training program should have an equal balance of pushing and pulling exercises in order to ensure long term shoulder health.
Pushing exercises in the gym would include seated and standing presses (barbell and dumbbell), front and lateral raises, flyes, dips and deltoid raises.
Examples of pulling exercises that fire the muscles of the shoulder include pullups, chins, cable rows (seated, upright, etc) cable raises.
Several resistance shoulder-building exercises well suited for cricket include:

Shoulder exercise tips for office worker

  1. Shoulder Press with body weight.

When you start the exercise your arms should be shoulder width apart.
Both feet should be on the ground and your bum should be in the air and your head pointed towards the floor.
The closer your feet are to your hands, the harder the exercise will be. Lower your head to the floor by bending your arms.
Once your head is an inch from the floor, reverse the movement by pushing as forcefully as you can to return to the start position.
2) Push Ups.
Push ups activate the serratus anterior muscle that is crucial to shoulder strength and stability.
Flat or with feet elevated or use a Bosu ball to create extra instability through the upper body.
Doing the push up on the ball also activates the rotator cuff and doubles the effectiveness.
3) Shoulder Touches.
Shoulder touches in the plank position require strength and stability of the entire shoulder.
Start from a standard push up position with your back straight and hands below your shoulders and your feet shoulder width apart.
Without sagging or arching your back or rotating your hips, maintain this plank position and lift your right hand and touch your left shoulder.
Place your hand back down and now touch your left hand to your right shoulder. And repeat alternately left, right, left until failure.
Most shoulder routines lack variety, and unfortunately only develop the middle section of the deltoids.
If you want well rounded BIG shoulders, focus on developing all three sections of the deltoid muscles.
Treat each head (anterior, medial, posterior) as a separate muscle to be trained.

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