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I am the man behind Slimmer Fitter Stronger is Gerald Smith. I am a personal trainer and nutritional therapist of the highest caliber.

Working with busy, executives is my specialty, as I understand the challenges your busy schedule presents.

I designed the HEET system to meet your challenges.

What is HEET ?

HEET is high energy efficient training. It takes the intensity of boxing and replicates it using the latest training tools getting you the results you want as quickly as possible.

HEET is the equivalent of doing 10 rounds of boing. It’s a 40 minute intense work out where you do 10 rounds of 3 minutes of intense exercise followed by one minutes rest.

You will use the latest cutting edge fitness tools as well as some of the best exercises used by boxers in this express work out.

Experience & Skills

I fell in love with every aspect of the sport from the sparring to the variation in training. This led me to develop the no nonsense HEET system.

I was inspired to bring my love of boxing to the city to help executives like you achieve new levels of fitness and have the same amount of fun that I had as a boxer without taking a punch!

My enthusiasm and passion for Boxing and Fitness go hand-in-hand, making the HEET system effective and unique in its approach.

I will work around your busy schedule one-on-one at your home, in a studio, your office or in your local park.

I deliver a truly bespoke service for those that demand the best.

I am a keen writer & many of my articles have been published in H2open magazine, and have been featured in other leading fitness publications including:

  • Triathlon Plus,
  • Body Fit
  • Trail Running
  • Cycling Fitness
  • Men’s Running
  • Men’s Health

I regularly write a fitness blog for busy executives where I share tips on weight loss, getting lean and how you can get back to your best physical condition.


The Thermal Diet

Using my in-depth knowledge of nutrition combined with my powerful approach to fitness, I have developed the thermal diet to help my clients lose weight and get in shape.

The thermal diet looks at the thermal effect of foods. (This is how much calories it takes to break down protein, fats or carbohydrates).

Some people work better on a high protein diet, while others work best on a high carbohydrate diet.

The thermal diet will determine which type of diet is best for you and help you get fitter, leaner and stronger quicker.

I have some of the highest qualifications in the industry

I have a degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health, as well as numerous other certificates and qualifications.

My passion for fitness and health has led him to continue his education, studying nutritional therapy within the school of natural health sciences.


  • Exercise, Nutrition and Health, BSc
  • SNHS Dip (Nutritional Therapy)
  • PICP level 1 (International qualification in strength and conditioning)
  • Qualified to REPS level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals)
  • Scientific back Training (CHEK)
  • Scientific Core Conditioning (CHEK)
  • SNHS Dip (Nutritional Therapy)

If you would like to work with a top nutritionist or personal trainer than contact me now to book your free consultation.


The Executive Personal Trainer Plan

£1000 a month

  • One hour personal training sessions anywhere you choose 3 times per week
  • Injury prevention and physical fitness assessment
  • Full body assessment
  • 20 minute goal setting session
  • Medical screening
  • Convenient online payment and scheduling
  • £1000 a month for 12 months
  • Save 16% with an annual plan at £10000



The Executive Nutrition Plan

£500 a month

  • One hour consultation to set goals and assess your health
  • Detailed assessment of your stress, detoxification, hormone balance and sleep patterns
  • 30 minute follow up nutritional coaching sessions anywhere you choose twice a month
  • A written & fully personalized 4 day rotation diet plan
  • Convenient online payment and scheduling
  • £500 a month for 12 months
  • Save 16% with an annual plan at £5000



The Executive Body Transformation

£1500 a month

  • Three 40 minute personal training sessions a week anywhere you choose.
  • 30 minute nutritional coaching session anywhere you choose twice a month
  • Detailed assessment of your stress, detoxification, hormone balance and measurement of body fat and a Before picture
  • 30 minute follow up nutritional coaching session anywhere you choose twice a month
  • Follow up sessions will include:
    • weekly diet
    • supplement advice and lifestyle advice to help progress
    • remeasurement of body fat
  • Personalized diet and exercise plan to achieve your fitness goals
  • On your final follow up session we will take an after picture
  • £1500 a month for one year
  • Save 20% on an anual package at £12000


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