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Gerald’s passion for fitness and health led him to continue his education with the school of natural health sciences where he studied nutritional therapy.Gerald Smith is a top London personal trainer, nutritional therapist and the face behind Slimmer Fitter Stronger. He holds a degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health.

Gerald understands the challenges in implementing dietary changes in your lifestyle, so he provides his clients with a practical and supportive approach when recommending diets to them so it fits perfectly into their budget, dietary preference and their lifestyle.

I regularly write a fitness blog for busy executives where I share tips on weight loss, getting lean and how you can get back to your best physical condition.


Experience & Skills:

Prior to coaching, Gerald spent much of his time training as a light middleweight boxer for Battersea boxing club. From sparring to the variation in training, he fell in love with every high energy and uplifting aspect of the sport.

Today, he brings that unique excitement and fun from his old boxing workouts to his personal training sessions, where he works one-on-one with clients at home, in a studio or in local parks.

An avid writer, Gerald is regularly published in H2open magazine and has been featured in other leading fitness publications including, Triathlon Plus, Body Fit, Trail Running, Cycling Fitness, Men’s Running.

Combined with his unique approach to fitness, Gerald has developed an exclusion diet to help his clients lose weight. Unlike other coaches, he embraces a more holistic approach to weight loss – an approach that includes natural weight management solutions and a more calm, precise approach to training.

Throughout his career, Gerald has studied, formulated and perfected a better way to weight loss. Now, he’s excited to share it with you!

Still not convinced?

Gerald has some of the highest qualifications in the fitness industry and brings a passion for helping anyone and everyone interested in losing weight and toning up.


  • Exercise, Nutrition and Health, BSc
  • ASA Level 2 swimming teacher
  • PICP level 1 (International qualification in strength and conditioning)
  • Qualified to REPS level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals)
  • Scientific back Training (CHEK)
  • Scientific Core Conditioning (CHEK)

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The executive personal trainer plan


  • 10 One hour personal training sessions anywhere you choose
  • Injury prevention and physical fitness assessment
  • Full body assessment
  • 20 minute goal setting session
  • Medical screening

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The executive Weight Loss Programme


  • One hour consultation to set goals and assess your health
  • Detailed assessment of your stress, detoxification, hormone balance and sleep patterns
  • 12 site body fat testing for hormone imbalance
  • 30 minute follow up nutritional coaching sessions anywhere you choose twice a month
  • A written & fully personalized 4 day rotation diet plan

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The executive weight loss Coaching

£600 a month

  • Three 40 minute personal training sessions a week anywhere you choose.
  • 30 minute nutritional coaching session anywhere you choose twice a month
  • Detailed assessment of your stress, detoxification, hormone balance and measurement of body fat and a Before picture
  • 30 minute follow up nutritional coaching session anywhere you choose twice a month
  • Follow up sessions will include:
    • weekly diet
    • supplement advice and lifestyle advice to help progress
    • remeasurement of body fat
  • Personalized diet and exercise plan to achieve your fitness goals
  • On your final follow up session we will take an after picture
  • £1500 a month for one year
  • Save 20% on an anual package at £12000

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