Ab Exercises: 12 Ab workouts at home

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ab workouts

Ab Exercises: 12 Ab workouts at home

If you lack time to exercise because you are working long hours or our constantly traveling for business then this is a workout for you.
Here are 12 ab workouts to use to improve your core. These workouts are part of my 12 week weight loss workout program that includes both a HIIT workout as well as abdominal workouts.
These 12 workouts are appropriate for all fitness levels and in order to make the most of these workouts I recommend that you also download your free guide “10 tips to a flat stomach.” 
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Gerald has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise, Nutrition & Health. He is an ASA qualified swimming teacher, and a qualified personal trainer. Gerald has developed his own exclusion diet, which he uses to help his clients lose weight.

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